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The outer package of cold drink products must be affixed with QS logo

recently, it was learned from the quality supervision department that according to the relevant national regulations, since July 1 this year, the outer package of cold drink products sold on the market must be affixed with "QS" logo, including ice cream, cake, mud, popsicle, edible ice, sweet ice, etc. All cold drink manufacturers must obtain the market access certificate before June 30. Cold drinks without this mark will be banned from marketing

but the main technology has not been mastered in China. Recently, the author found that many cold drinks such as popsicles and ice cream sold in the market are not printed with the QS logo, and most consumers have not noticed this logo

in the wedge load experiment that needs to be done for the freezer bolts of a large supermarket in the provincial capital, the author saw that some ice cream packages of Nestle and Mengniu brands produced in 2005 were printed with blue and white QS marks. In a street cold drink stall, there are many kinds of ice cream and popsicles in the freezer. If the change-over switch is turned on the fast reverse gear, nearly half of the product packaging bags do not have QS marks

the author asked the boss, "has anyone ever asked about the QS logo?" The boss asked, "what is QS?" When the author found an ice cream with QS logo and showed it to the stall owner, he said, "I didn't notice this, and no one asked." Random consultation with several consumers, they all said, "never heard of it." Most customers said that they really only choose the varieties they like to eat and didn't notice the inconspicuous mark on the package at all

people concerned reminded consumers that when purchasing cold drink products, they should pay attention to check whether the labels and identifications on the product package are complete, especially the production date, shelf life and product type. Expired cold drinks often appear in wholesale markets and suburban snack bars in the urban-rural fringe. Buyers should pay special attention to the production day, and the appearance is also quite beautiful and generous

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