Qtp200 tower crane at the foot of the hottest Rive

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Jianglu qtp200 tower crane set the fastest record from R & D to sales

Jianglu qtp200 tower crane set the fastest record from R & D to sales

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recently, the qtp200 flat head tower crane developed by Jianglu company passed the type test of special equipment of the national construction and urban construction machinery quality supervision and inspection center at one time

in order to ensure the smooth passing of the safety and technical inspection of the national authoritative inspection department, the test team composed of the tower crane technology department, quality assurance department and production safety department of the heavy equipment company first carried out self inspection on the prototype, tested the parameters such as lifting torque, maximum lifting weight and boom tip lifting weight, and carried out the safety protection device test. The test data fully meet the design requirements. During the type test, the national inspectors carefully inspected the prototype in accordance with TSG q7004-2006 "detailed rules for type test of tower cranes", and it will not jump at this time; Inspection and test, main parameters and basic dimensions of the prototype, - performance test The safety protection device test, structural strength test and continuous operation test all meet the requirements, and it is comprehensively judged that the type test is qualified

qtp200 flat head tower crane carries the design concept of lean design, cost reduction, performance improvement and intelligent control with Weihai carbon fiber industrial park as the carrier, and successfully completed the tower erection and type test on October 10. The tower crane will be exported to foreign countries to realize the research and development of that year, the trial production of difficult slurry mixing and pole coating, and the sales of that year

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