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Openstack has become a trend to solve five problems in building a private cloud. However, the distribution version of openstack is not perfect. Enterprises must fully understand the shortcomings of the distribution version of openstack in advance and seek the help and cooperation of professional openstack providers to build a private cloud. Only in this way can they develop their strengths and circumvent their weaknesses, truly give full play to the advantages of openstack and build a private cloud that maximizes the competitive advantage of enterprises

how to make good use of openstack in enterprises? What other problems need to be solved

How can openstack be used well in enterprises? Developers think it is the problem of using posture; Users believe that it should be stable and reliable, and there should be no old downtime; The boss thinks that the development and operation and maintenance of ox x can be done by recruiting more people

in fact, the problems of openstack in business are mainly in the following five aspects: stability, integrity, high availability, ease of use, dual activity and disaster recovery

let's talk about stability first. For a good product, performance is not the first factor, and stability is the most important for the enterprise

openstack is far from enough in scalability and stability. It needs careful polishing.

from dozens to thousands or even tens of thousands, can it work stably as usual? Practice has proved that with the expansion of the scale, the overall architecture needs to do enough in terms of stability

for example, it is necessary to design multiple Nova APIs and multiple images, load balancing, high availability of nodes, and concurrent response of databases

in addition, insurance companies roast in the community can use their own databases to store configuration information according to their own needs and market conditions. To upgrade, they need to modify multiple database schemas, which cannot be hot upgraded (the upgrade problem has been improved after version h)

for another example, an enterprise encountered a nightmare experience when deploying network services (neutron), and had to rewrite the code of network components to meet the requirements of large-scale applications

openstack lacks integrity

a mature cloud platform should provide a variety of cloud products such as computing, storage, networking, security, database, big data, middleware, Devops, monitoring, operation and maintenance. Openstack can only provide three cloud products: computing, storage and networking. If enterprise customers need information security products, they must self-service information security platform and integrate third-party products. Another example is big data analysis. Hadoop clusters can be quickly deployed through Sahara. How can we get through the account, security, management, operation and maintenance monitoring system between openstack and Hadoop

openstack's virtual machine level high availability is not good yet

at present, there is no official statement that openstack supports virtual machine level high availability. This feature was proposed in the Folsom version, but it was later abandoned if the pendulum did not stop in the middle

at present, openstack has an incubation project evaluate, which is used to provide virtual machine level high availability support for openstack. At present, evaluate can only be initiated manually by the administrator. Evaluate does not consider the deployment attributes of the VM, resulting in the failure of the resource scheduling strategy. The change of host name will lead to the deletion of all virtual machines during Nova compute restart. This problem is mainly caused by the impact mechanism of evaluate's clear 2 and the measurement and control link of the experimental machine. This bug has been fixed in version L

the ease of use of openstack is not good enough.

through fuel, you can realize the rapid installation of openstack, but many configuration operations still need the command line, which is still far from the automatic deployment of one click delivery. Another example is CEPH distributed storage system, which is widely used on openstack. At present, it has not realized interface operation and configuration. In addition, openstack also lacks a general basic version

using openstack will not be locked by manufacturers, but there are more than 20 manufacturer customized versions of openstack that can be downloaded, and the choice of customers is very important

double living and disaster recovery

large enterprises have high requirements for business continuity, and the key core businesses have the needs of local double living and remote disaster recovery. Intra city dual activity refers to that the user's key business system operates in two data centers in the same city at the same time and provides services for users. When the application system of one data center has problems, the application of another data center will continue

disaster recovery in different places, as the name suggests, is to build one or more sets of the same application or database in different regions to take over immediately after a disaster. We can see that although openstack also has single site (smaug+cinder) and cross site (smaug+swift) backup and recovery solutions, it is still far from the real business dual activity and remote disaster recovery of enterprises

for another example, the cross data center cascading realized by tricircle still requires the ability of the storage back-end to carry out disaster recovery. Tricircle itself is just a forwarding relay to find the correct site to operate for users. It cannot realize the disaster recovery function of cross data center itself, which is different from VMware SRM

we can see that openstack still lags behind VMware in terms of functional support and specific details, and it still needs continuous progress to do better. But openstack, as an open source management framework, is designed with good intentions. With the accurate and wide range of loading speed and measurement range of ope in enterprises, the use and development of nstack will promote and accelerate its maturity

finally, operation and maintenance automation. In the operation and maintenance scenario of large-scale cloud, it is necessary to trigger the work with high repetition based on intelligent decision-making of monitoring data to realize the operation and maintenance ability of unattended automatic operation. This part needs to be explored by openstack

the process of building enterprise private cloud is not achieved overnight, and it will be a continuous investment process, which requires continuous exploration and progress in practice. The next 10 years will be the era of cloud 2.0, and enterprises will be the main representatives of cloud. Look forward to the future and embrace open source. Openstack has become a trend in China, Asia and the world. We have reason to believe that in the next three years, openstack will become the first choice for enterprises to go to v

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