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Open Cloud helped Andreani build Argentina's first modern logistics system

the concept of China Internet + has stirred up ripples all over the world as soon as it was thrown out. Physical products have gradually become the wood of little prince shipbuilding, the protective support of enterprises, and data has become the golden Ocean desired by all industries. A series of statements, such as data is the source of future intelligent exploration, data is oil and a symbol of high value, have proved that big data, as an important means of production, has entered the transformation system of various industries

data strategy drives the digital transformation of logistics enterprises

in the information age, it is difficult for the logistics industry to exist alone, and it is difficult to distinguish the relationship between e-commerce, retail and other services and logistics. Most enterprises choose to develop in parallel, just as China's SF also carries out physical retail business, JD logistics is also inseparable from JD mall. In this way, the data growth brought by each business line will be exponential. Logistics companies will evolve into logistics big data companies, and their core strategy will inevitably become data strategy

according to the latest data, the current global logistics market size has exceeded US $8.5 trillion, with a compound annual growth rate of nearly 7%. The massive data with multiple types, structures and industries not only has strategic value, but also brings new problems to the digital transformation of global logistics enterprises

fortunately, at the southernmost tip of the earth, an Argentine logistics enterprise established in the 1940s has contributed experience reference

business expansion forced the upgrading of it facilities

andreani, as the largest logistics company in Argentina, provides complete logistics service solutions for various sub industries, and its business scope has been extended to Brazil, another big country in South America

entering the new era of digitalization, with more than 70 years of experience in the logistics industry, Andreani has continuously expanded its own field and began to invest in the development of e-commerce business. It has become the first e-commerce platform in Argentina with the ability to provide end-to-end solutions, which can provide customers with management and control system services including product warehousing, packaging, supplier management, and door-to-door delivery. According to statistics, Andreani has served thousands of customers such as Santander bank and HP

with the continuous increase of the business volume displayed on the LCD in real time, the rate of data explosion is faster and faster. The tight travel length I showing the pressure value on the Andrean display has also faced the same problem of it upgrading: the original IT architecture has insufficient flexible processing capacity and business risks when dealing with the concurrent needs of large-scale businesses, and it is difficult to load the ever-increasing data scale. It upgrading is slower than the development speed of Andreani, Its digital transformation is imminent

data first core business pain point

as mentioned above, data is the main driving force for Andreani's it upgrading, and data integration, storage and cloud computing are also the starting point of Andreani's transformation. In the early stage of the power transformation of sequentially starting the display printer computer industrial computer starting the experimental software hydraulic source, Andreani has the following four phased problems:

the data center is served by four suppliers, the operation and maintenance management is complex, and there are problems such as business coupling and non-uniform standards. The establishment of a unified management platform has become the most urgent demand

after the expansion of e-commerce business, the data flow is increasing day by day, the existing background system architecture cannot be flexible, the data concurrency ability is low, the user login experience is poor, and there is no disaster recovery scheme

logistics business requires high real-time data processing, so it is necessary to establish a large and stable dedicated network. At present, the cloud service provider used in SAP ERP system has no local nodes, resulting in extended network time and poor experience of the application system

the core storage system adopts the virtualization technology of a manufacturer and the corresponding remote disaster recovery scheme. The construction cost of the disaster recovery site is high, and the disaster recovery center cannot completely avoid business interruption

as an industry leader, Andreani's problems can be said to summarize the direction of the initial transformation of the entire logistics industry, which requires the combination of upstream and downstream supply chains and cross industry ecological partners to explore new ways

Open Cloud helps Andreani build Argentina's first modern logistics system

in October 2016, Huawei and Telef Nica business solutions jointly launched Open Cloud and cloud server cloud services in Chile, Brazil and Mexico. The launch of these two cloud services has established a partnership between the two sides that will help traditional it on the cloud. Huawei provides innovative software and hardware solutions including servers, storage, networks and cloud operating systems, and provides professional technical support for Open Cloud and cloud server

andreani realized cloud transformation with the help of open cloud, enjoying the service support of open cloud covering planning strategy, rectification implementation, post operation and maintenance and other aspects:

provide a complete data migration scheme, improve the overall operation and maintenance management experience, and gradually migrate Andreani's existing application system to the TOC cloud; Promote the gradual unification of the original decentralized multiple data centers to meet their business demands of managing multiple data centers through one operation and maintenance platform

at the infrastructure level, open cloud helps the IT infrastructure of Andreani e-commerce platform realize cloudization by providing cloud servers and elastic scaling services, helps the platform realize the functions of elastic scaling and flexible resource expansion, and provides targeted disaster recovery solutions

open cloud relies on its inherent network resource advantages and geographical advantages, and uses local nodes to reduce the network delay of business applications such as Andreani SAP dev QAS and improve the cloud application experience

help Andreani build a cost-effective and stable disaster recovery system by providing a highly reliable payu based disaster recovery solution for the core storage system

especially worth mentioning is the Dr solution provided by open cloud. The disaster recovery problem of data center is a problem worth millions of dollars for CIOs in various industries, while for the logistics industry, the disaster recovery problem is more than money. A problem in a data center will lead to the collapse of the entire logistics chain, which is easy to cause a catastrophe that the Bank of thousands of miles collapses in the ant nest

the Dr solution provided by open cloud not only solves the Dr problem in the logistics industry, but also becomes one of the successful commercial examples of open cloud, providing case support for expanding the market in related fields in the future

the three-step cloud solution helps Andreani evolve to smart logistics

in response to Andreani's business demands, Telef Nica and Huawei have jointly produced and sold 2million new energy vehicles a year. The open cloud public cloud service launched by Telef Nica has customized a three-step cloud solution for Andreani: e-commerce cloud, reducing SAP network delay, and disaster recovery cloud of core warehousing system. With the advancement of the project, open cloud provides Andreani with a full set of efficient and high-performance disaster recovery and backup solutions, comprehensively improves the unified management of heterogeneous cloud platforms, improves the operation and maintenance efficiency, and reduces the overall disaster recovery TCO, thus laying a good foundation for Andreani to promote the expansion of future innovative businesses (such as IOT, robotics, process optimization, etc.), Help it quickly realize its future vision of smart logistics

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