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The opening of the 9th China International Industrial Equipment Exhibition

the 9th China International Industrial Equipment Exhibition, hosted by the Chinese society of mechanical engineering and jointly undertaken with Shanghai Bohua International Exhibition Co., Ltd. for the plastic extruder to serve various industries and develop in depth, The 6th China International Industrial Automation Exhibition and the 6th China International material handling exhibition will be held from November 21 to 24 in Shanghai Everbright Exhibition 2014 F series vehicles, which fully reflects the company's efforts to use recyclable materials in the production of vehicles

the exhibition attracted nearly 300 Chinese and foreign manufacturers from 13 countries and regions including the United States, Japan, Russia, South Korea, Germany, France, Singapore, Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland, China, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and Taiwan. It is expected that the exhibition area will exceed 12000 square meters and the number of visitors will reach 40000

after China's entry into WTO, the market competition is becoming increasingly fierce. The development of industrial automation, factory automation and modern logistics is in the ascendant, and the market demand in this field has increased sharply. In order to adapt to this market change, material handling/logistics and industrial automation will once again become "highlights" at this year's industrial equipment exhibition. Among the many famous domestic and foreign exhibitions of the most advanced products, technologies and services, the most advanced products, technologies and services are displayed, with more exhibits than any previous session

it is particularly worth mentioning that China International material handling exhibition, which is deeply favored by exhibitors at home and abroad, has been an unprecedented hot scene on the basis of the first five carefully crafted exhibitions. Among them, Xiamen Linde forklift company, a Sino German joint venture that occupies an important position in China's forklift market, will display their newly developed series of new forklifts on its booth of nearly 200 square meters; These two are both tensile testing machines. Met-alssistem, Italy's largest shelf company, is very optimistic about the Chinese market, and will take this exhibition as its preferred venue and as a springboard to enter the Chinese market; Japan's Kito Co., Ltd., a veteran manufacturer that provides first-class technology and equipment to famous manufacturers such as Toyota and Fanuc, will launch its latest flagship series of products and actively seek opportunities to expand cooperation and exchanges with all parties

it is gratifying that among the exhibitors participating in this exhibition are world-famous system integrators such as Siemens, Dematic, Dafu, Murata, swissiol, Kito, Formosa Plastics heavy industry, Samsung Electronics, Hong Kong Yifeng, as well as world-class forklifts, automated flow lines, three-dimensional warehouses, shelves, stackers, pallets, and logistics software

at this exhibition, South Korea and Russia will organize large national exhibition groups to participate in Shanghai. The 36 well-known Korean enterprises organized by the Korean car machinery industry vibration Association will focus on displaying the style of the Korean machinery industry. In addition, the Russian Ministry of economy and trade also organized nearly 30 elite enterprises and research institutions in Moscow and St. Petersburg to participate in the exhibition. This time, they will bring Russia's most advanced industrial manufacturing technology to Shanghai to exchange and negotiate with buyers and visitors from all sides

during the exhibition, the organizer will also organize a series of rich and colorful exchange activities and professional academic seminars, including the "Sino Russian economic and Trade Fair" to promote Sino Russian economic and trade exchanges, the "sixth national material handling industry information exchange" with the theme of modern material handling systems to achieve logistics action functions, and advanced logistics technology The series of seminars on "utilization of rubber and plastic materials" of equipment and systems have successfully held 10 high-level forums with the theme of application prospects in modern manufacturing industry, "the second Logistics Engineering Forum" and "information technology and Modern Logistics Forum" with the theme of logistics information and network platform. Professional conferences and exhibitions echo each other and are interspersed, which can really be described as "a series of good plays and unprecedented grandeur"

Miao Weimin, China Packaging News

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