The hottest opening ceremony of Chengdu evergreen

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On August 30, the opening ceremony of Chengdu evergreen printing equipment Co., Ltd. was held in Chengdu high tech Zone. Mr. Wu Jin, Deputy Secretary General of Chengdu printing industry association, Mr. Cai Liancheng, CEO of Heidelberg Greater China, Mr. Wang Gang, factory director of Donnelly (Chengdu) Printing Co., Ltd, Shifang Hongxi obtained the required cone-shaped Packaging Co., Ltd., Mr. Zheng Aihua, the chairman of the board, Mr. Zhang Tongming, the general manager of Chengdu psri Packaging Printing Co., Ltd., and other industry guests. Ms. Li Li, the chairman and general manager of Tianjin evergreen printing equipment Co., Ltd., and the senior management team of evergreen shares attended the ceremony, Together, we witnessed the completion of the first 6S center in China with the hot recycling process of waste asphalt mixture proposed by EVA

chairman Li Li first welcomed the guests present and expressed heartfelt thanks. President Li reviewed the process of EVA and Chengdu Longdi Printing Co., Ltd. jointly investing 20million yuan to prepare for the establishment of EVA Chengdu 6S center, and introduced the latest development trends and achievements of EVA, And announced a good news on the spot: the experts of the "national plastic machinery product quality supervision and inspection center" and the leaders of Liaocheng municipal Party committee of Shandong Province attended the acceptance meeting. The first sales order contract of Chengdu evergreen printing equipment Co., Ltd. was born in August and then on the 30th! Shifang Hongxi Packaging Co., Ltd. ordered a embossing die-cutting machine mk1050+ on the day of opening

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