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The third China International IOT Expo opened on October 25, the three-day 2012 Third China International IOT (sensing) Expo was grandly opened in Wuxi. This exhibition is unprecedented. This year, the exhibition area is expanded to 30000 square meters, and the exhibition scale is the largest ever. There are more than 300 exhibitors and 50000 professional visitors

demonstration application projects were highlighted

different from the previous two IOT conferences, this year's exhibition specially opened a demonstration application project exhibition area, a national sensor innovation demonstration area, and a key IOT enterprise exhibition area in Jiangsu Province. The exhibition attracted famous multinational companies such as Siemens, Murata electronics, IBM, Microsoft, carrier, Intel, NEC, etc; China Mobile, China Unicom, Chinatelecom, Guodian, China Aerospace Science and technology group, China aviation, radio and television network and other large central enterprises; Chinese Academy of Sciences, Wuxi Research Institute of Shanghai Jiaotong University and other scientific research institutions, as well as leading enterprises in many sub sectors such as Ningbo kaifulai, Shanghai Hangsheng industry, Lucent agricultural IOT, etc., participated in the exhibition one after another

the exhibition comprehensively displayed the latest technologies, new products, new equipment, new processes and new solutions of IOT around the application fields promoted by the 12th Five Year Plan of the Ministry of industry and information technology: intelligent transportation, intelligent medicine, intelligent home, intelligent building, intelligent security, intelligent electricity, intelligent environmental protection, intelligent logistics, industrial and automatic control, environmental and safety monitoring, fine agriculture and animal husbandry

it is reported that Wu Hequan, former vice president and Secretary General of the Chinese Academy of engineering, will deliver a speech on smart city data management, and Zhu Ming, deputy director of Chinatelecom IOT application and promotion center, will share the significance of IOT cloud services for smart city construction. Mayan, director of the IOT Office of China Unicom, Yang Jing, chief scientist of China Mobile, and relevant personnel of multinational companies Intel and IBM will participate in the discussion of IOT

it is reported that since Wuxi was established as the center of perception of China in August 2009, the development of Wuxi IOT industry has always been strongly supported by national leaders and government departments at all levels. Recently, the State Council approved the outline of the development plan of the national sensor Innovation Demonstration Zone driven by the lead screw (2012-2020), trying to build Wuxi into a sensor innovation demonstration zone with global influence, increase financial support for the IOT industry in the demonstration zone, and strengthen tax policy support

the annual revenue is expected to be close to 100billion yuan

it is reported that Wuxi has gathered 32 key IOT R & D institutions, has undertaken nearly 900 R & D projects, and has led and participated in the formulation of 21 IOT international and national standards; IOT has more than 100000 employees, 608 enterprises have achieved industrialization, and 93 IOT application demonstration projects have been completed and under construction in the city; This year, the city's IOT and related industries have maintained a growth rate of more than 30%, and the annual operating revenue is expected to be close to 100billion yuan

with the development of 3G and mobile Internet, IOT is heating up in China. Yao Jianquan, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said at the 2012 China (Wuxi) urban informatization promotion conference that at present, the scale of China's IOT industry market has exceeded 200billion yuan. According to the prediction, by 2015, this scale will reach 750billion yuan, with an annual compound growth rate of more than 30%, and its development prospects will exceed traditional IT fields such as computers, Internet, mobile communications and so on

this Expo is jointly hosted by the Ministry of industry and information technology, the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of science and technology, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Xinhua news agency and the Jiangsu provincial government. It is the only national Expo in China's IOT industry

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