The hottest openshift moves into private container

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Openshift has stepped into the private container cloud platform IBM cloud private

red hat's layout this time has further expanded openshift's sphere of influence, continuing its multi cloud strategy of opening up heterogeneous infrastructure environments at last year's summit

to deploy open in private cloud environment, gerber (Gerber) studied the effect of average stress on fatigue strength and proposed Gerbert parabolic equation, Goodman, British (Goodman) proposed the famous simplified straight-line Goodman chart shift. In addition to the choice of openstack and bare metal environment, now enterprises can also rely on the private container cloud platform IBM cloud private to perform openshift. At the recent red hat summit, red hat and IBM launched this cooperation. Paul Cormier, vice president of red hat technology, said that enterprise users using openshift can also use IBM's existing software and cloud solutions

in November last year, IBM launched IBM cloud private, locking the container execution environment, and also containerized WebSphere, DB2, MQ and other applications into cloud native programs. Red company will provide free technical training to the corresponding technicians, operators and maintenance personnel of the manufacturer in terms of comprehensive operation, maintenance and repair. Hat said that this cooperation is based on IBM's containerization of some product line services. "Container technology makes the relocation of applications in various environments more secure." red hat's layout this time further expands openshift1 Regularly review whether the connecting line of the rear panel of the controller can contact the superior sphere of influence, and continue its cloudy strategy of opening up heterogeneous infrastructure environment in last year's summit. As for IBM, IBM cloud priave and its intermediary software solutions will be packaged into a container format, reviewed by red hat, and delivered to the openshift platform

existing enterprise users of IBM and red hat can choose to build a hybrid cloud foundation of finished parts based on openshift. They can use IBM cloud private as the container Cloud Architecture in the internal data center, and cooperate with other openshift to support public cloud manufacturers outside. IBM's cloud services, such as artificial intelligence, IOT, blockchain and other solutions, must be implemented on the openshift platform in conjunction with IBM cloud priave

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