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The world's largest open-pit copper mine: it has been mined for more than 110 years, and a huge spiral pit can be seen in outer space

Abstract: Bingham Canyon copper mine is an ancient copper mine in the United States. It was discovered in 1863. The earliest mining work began in 1906, with a mining history of 111 years, and it is still working today

stroll around and see the world. It has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving and high cost performance. Take it easy to travel to the end of the world. Today, let's talk about Bingham Canyon copper mine, the largest open-pit copper mine in the world. Bingham Canyon copper mine is located in the OAKER mountains near Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. It is a spiral mine with a depth of more than 970 meters, a width of 4 kilometers, and an area of 770 hectares. It is the largest artificial excavation pit that is also used in the printed circuit board and industrial special yarn market

Bingham Canyon copper mine is an ancient copper mine in the United States. It was discovered in 1863. The earliest mining work began in 1906. It has a mining history of 111 years and is still working today. The copper mine can be called the American version of Yugong Yishan. Before the initial excavation, the mine site was originally a towering mountain. At that time, the owner of the mine detected that there was rich copper resources here, and decided to abandon the whole mountain for mining. At that time, it was once ridiculed by local people, because the traditional mining method was to clear the location of the mineral deposit and then dig a tunnel for mining. But later facts proved that this stupid move seemed to be correct

The Binhan copper mine has proved to be one of the most productive mines in the world. During the 154 year excavation project, a total of about 6 billion tons of ore were mined, in which not only a considerable amount of copper was extracted, but also many precious metals such as gold and silver

by 2010, 17million tons of copper had been refined here, accounting for 40% of the copper demand in the United States. 300000 tons of copper, 12 tons of gold and 124 tons of silver were produced every day. Therefore, Rio Tinto, the owner of the copper mine, has become the second largest copper producer in the United States. Bingham Canyon can be called the most valuable "pit" in the United States. In 2006, the total value of its metal output was $1.8 billion (about 11.8 billion yuan)

after more than a century of excavation, the original mountain no longer exists, but is replaced by a huge spiral pit, and the excavated ore waste soil has accumulated around it into a thick artificial Loess Plateau. Americans have truly turned China's fable of "foolish old man moving mountains" into reality

how big is Binhan copper mine? It is said that it can be seen from the orbiting space shuttle in space with the help of a camera or binoculars. It has also become one of the two artificial landscapes that can be seen from outer space at present. The other is China's great wall, which is well-known. But without saying, can you guess that the other is a large mine after a lapse of more than seven years

now, Binhan copper mine is still working. It is reported that the current mining plan is to end in 2019. The mine employs about 2000 workers, and hundreds of mining and transportation vehicles work continuously every day. Bingham copper mine still supplies the high-quality copper market in the United States with a production of 280000 tons

nowadays, relying on the ancient copper, gold and silver veins of scratch friction pairs, Binhan copper mine has become a popular local tourist attraction, attracting about 2million people to travel every year, and there is a small memorial next to the copper mine

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