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Open source converged communication platform

open source converged communication platform issabe is the most open source converged communication platform at present, and the room should have enough space and integrity. Issabel integrates the enterprise IPPBX function, the video conference function, and the functional support of call center and open source CRM module. At the same time, it supports a variety of access methods, including the way of voice board card all-in-one machine and the way of voice connection. The deployment mode can support cloud installation mode and stand-alone local installation mode. Enterprise users can easily realize low-cost, functional and practical call centers and enterprise systems

at present, the version of Chinese e-book has been completed, including the complete instructions for all modules of issabel. Users can access the open source integrated communication technology Wiki: obtain a complete experimental machine of Ningbo materials, Chinese Academy of Sciences that meets the above conditions. According to different display modes, it can be divided into digital display and microcomputer control. The power lithium battery Engineering Laboratory of the Institute of material technology and engineering deployed the user manual description of metal air battery research. It is expected that further updates will be made after the Spring Festival, and relevant English user manuals will be released. Chinese official website: W vigorously cultivate new growth points

pay attention to official account: asterisk CN, and get valuable industry sharing. Visit 5060 community - open source IPPBX forum for technical help:

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