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How can CIMC Lingyu seize the lead in the unpredictable mixer Market

how can CIMC Lingyu seize the lead in the unpredictable mixer Market

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★ small volume and light-weight mixers have sprung up, and Ling Yu has taken the lead in layout. What surprises have they brought us

mixer truck market

in recent years, with the inclination of national policies, the market demand for mixer trucks is also changing. Small volume and lightweight mixer trucks have a rapid development momentum, and the market ownership has increased significantly. Coupled with the increasingly strict overload control, the mixer truck products are switching to the direction of small volume and light weight

small volume and light-weight mixer trucks have sprung up. What are the basic influencing factors for the highest accuracy of ball screw

the first is policy guidance. In 2015, the state made rigid regulations on the quality and capacity of mixer trucks. That is, the stirring capacity of the two axle mixer shall not exceed 4 square meters, the three axle mixer shall not exceed 6 square meters, and the four axle mixer shall not exceed 8 square meters. Since then, the mixer has gradually changed to a small volume, but the regional differences are large, and the implementation of the policy has been repeated

secondly, the safety hazards of large-scale mixer truck are prominent. In 2018, a major semi-trailer accident occurred in Huizhou, Guangdong Province, and the site was seriously damaged; The Wuxi viaduct collapse accident in 2019 attracted the attention of the industry... The occurrence of such accidents forced the industry to strengthen overload management

coupled with the impact of the epidemic, it has helped economic recovery and promoted social employment. The state has given strong support to the infrastructure industry, and the mixer industry is in an active state

the market is constantly changing. What is the layout of Lingyu in the mixer truck transportation industry

since the proportion of generous mixers decreased in 2018 and the demand for lightweight products has increased significantly, Lingyu took the lead in the layout with forward-looking thinking. In 2018, it launched the "light" series of mixers with the lightest weight in the industry at that time. The tank design adopts the low inclination and equal height design scheme, with small inclination and low vehicle height. When the vehicle is fully loaded, the center of gravity of the whole vehicle is reduced by% on the basis of conventional vehicles, improving the driving stability of the vehicle and reducing the risk of vehicle rollover

in the following years, Lingyu's product line became more and more abundant on the road of lightweight mixer. Bicycles cover the mainstream chassis of the industry, semi-trailer mixers are also increasingly popular, and intelligent mixers and the latest national six mixers have also been launched

01 mixing semi-trailer

Lingyu semi-trailer mixer meets the requirements of national laws and regulations. After special optimization, the short wheelbase design can easily be used on a 12 meter weighbridge. The most important thing is that the concept and method of national governance are still intoxicated in the "old era"; Military management, social management, and the modern inheritance of 5000 year old culture have not been systematically and normatively integrated with modernization to the greatest extent. The maximum loading capacity of a single trip has reached Fang. The material is made of high-strength wear-resistant steel, lightweight rims, aluminum alloy accessories and other lightweight materials, and the self weight is further reduced. In addition, it optimizes the frame design, reasonably arranges the top loading, configures intelligent equipment and so on, which makes the whole vehicle run safer and more efficient

02 mixing truck

the combination of the regulatory version of the mixing truck and the chassis manufacturer has realized the integrated design of the whole vehicle, with lighter weight and more stable performance. Especially since the first phase of the "Apocalypse project" was put into operation in 2020, the use of laser blanking, full-automatic coating and powder spraying line and intelligent general assembly line has greatly improved the product quality. You are welcome to pay attention to Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd., and the delivery time has also been shortened by 6 days

03 Lingzhi mixer

Lingzhi version mixer is the latest intelligent mixer launched by Lingyu. It realizes the five in one of "smart manufacturing, smart alliance, smart travel, smart control and smart care", and realizes intelligent transportation based on "Philipp Zimmermann, head of Claus mafi composite/surface technology business department, said big data, cloud sharing and other platforms

04 national six mixer

keep up with the changes of the times and conform to social development. National six emission standards have been implemented in some cities, and Lingyu took the lead in responding. At present, 17 national six mixer vehicles have been launched. Its upgraded details, better quality, lighter weight and more environmentally friendly emissions have been unanimously recognized by customers

opportunities are always reserved for those who are prepared. CIMC Lingyu has always been customer-centered, focused on customer needs, adhered to product leadership, challenged itself, and pioneered innovation. Product research and development has always been a model in the industry, maintaining the honor of "tank car expert", providing customers with better products and creating greater value

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