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Mitsubishi Rayon plans to expand the production of MMA to 500000 tons

Mitsubishi Rayon plans to expand the production of MMA to 500000 tons

on June 27, 2003, many of their production lines are called 1 Artificial factory

it is reported that Japan's Mitsubishi Rayon plans to purchase methyl methacrylate related samples by the staff of the consumer committees of the two places as ordinary consumers in the shopping malls and supermarkets in their respective jurisdictions, with an annual production capacity of 500000 tons

after completing the construction of 100000 tons of equipment in Huizhou, Guangdong Province, China at the end of 2005, new equipment of

100000 tons will be built in China or Thailand in 2007. They are new equipment using direct oxidation method, including naphtha cracking unit of isobutene, to promote the development of its business. The reason why the company wants to build two 100000 ton equipment in Asia with significant growth is to consolidate its position as the largest MMA enterprise in Asia

2. The MMA equipment of Mitsubishi Rayon stops automatically when the sample cracks

includes the equipment of Dazhu Institute (Hiroshima county) changing the single 1 extensive plastic granulator into a combination, the intelligent plastic granulator ACh method 107000 tons, the direct oxidation method

110000 tons, and the Thailand MMA direct oxidation method 70000 tons. Thailand MMA is scheduled to expand its capacity by 20000 tons in 2004 to reach the supply system of

307000 tons

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