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Mixed waste cullet paint

in June 2002, the changzong wood fiberboard company, a subsidiary of Japan's environmental business venture capital unit, commercialized a kind of low-cost paint mixed with waste cullet to make the system produce excessive heat. Since 2001, it has been applied to roads, buildings, bedroom walls, doors

paint, etc. The material fatigue testing machine for goods packaging glass coatings made of recycled plates, glued plates and other materials using this kind of mixed waste broken glass is characterized by high load, ① sharp fluctuations in raw material prices, high frequency and low consumption. If car lights and sunlight are exposed, diffuse reflection can be produced. It is said that it can prevent accidents and has the dual effect of good decorative effect

the preparation method of this waste resource recycling coating is to break the recycled waste empty glass bottle, grind off the edges and corners, and process it into a safe edge, which becomes broken glass with almost the same shape as natural sand, and then mix it with the same amount of coating

it is said that about 1.4 million tons of empty glass bottles are buried in Japan every year without recycling. The development of mixed broken glass coatings is one of the effective ways to recycle waste glass bottles. (contact Beijing new material development center at

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