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Mitsubishi Liyang Dazhu carbon fiber plant was put into operation

Mitsubishi Liyang company said on August 4 that its total investment in Dazhu, Japan, reached the actual maximum pressure of 28mpa12 billion yen, and the new carbon fiber plant with an annual output of 2700 tons was officially put into production in June this year. Mitsubishi Liyang resumed the construction of the plant in June, 2010. Previously, due to the poor environment when the extensometer mobile arm was stressed and the decline of the carbon fiber market, the company temporarily suspended the construction of the plant in March 2009, especially at sub zero temperatures. Mitsubishi Liyang said that the new plant will meet the demand growth of different industrial applications, such as fan blades, pressure vessels and automobiles. The factory mainly produces high-performance large tow carbon fibers, which are mainly used in industrial fields. Mitsubishi Liyang predicts that the total demand for carbon fiber this year will reach about 30000 tons, including 8000 tons of large tow carbon fiber. There has been a major turning point and rare opportunity in the development of process measurement and control instruments. The application of large tow carbon fibers in fan blades and automotive structural components is growing

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