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Mitsubishi wants to buy "tapai" carbon dioxide emission reduction indicators

recently, tapai group and Mitsubishi Japan have reached a CDM (clean development mechanism) project cooperation intention, and Mitsubishi plans to invest in the purchase of carbon dioxide emission reduction indicators. Tapai group only needs to give Mitsubishi the carbon dioxide index "saved" by the waste heat power generation project of the production line, and it can obtain a large amount of funds for developing production and promoting energy conservation. The pure low-temperature waste heat power generation project of tapai group Longmen branch is built on the basis of its original production line. The project uses the waste heat generated by cement clinker to generate electricity at the cutting position and direction of two samples, without adding any additional fuel. It not only realizes the comprehensive utilization of resources, reduces the waste of resources and energy, reduces product costs, but also greatly reduces the emission of dust and carbon dioxide, So as to reduce the pollution to the atmospheric environment. The company's pure low-temperature waste heat power generation unit 1 was put into use last year, and it is the first pure low-temperature waste heat power generation unit put into operation in Guangdong Province. After the unit is put into use, the operation is stable. The waste plastic particles are bent to 90 degrees, and the supply is in short supply. It is estimated that this year, the power consumption per ton of clinker can be reduced by about 20 kwh, and about 4000 tons of standard coal can be saved. [China Plastics News] explore the driving force of transforming the future of Chinese cars - Lightweight Technology and scientific and technological optimization and innovation, while reducing the emission of 40000 tons of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere

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