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Mitsubishi new generation servo amplifier Mr

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Mitsubishi Electric recently launched a new generation of high-performance servo amplifier MR-J3 series, which is divided into mr-j3-a and mr-j3-b models to meet the needs of different customers. Mr-j3-a adopts general pulse train interface; Mr-j3-b corresponds to the new generation of high-speed synchronous network sscnet III (servo system controller network) bus interface, and uses optical fiber for communication

the super small size and compact design of MR-J3 series servo amplifier add a new landscape to the servo family

mr-j3 adopts high-performance CPU, and its 900hz speed loop frequency response is much higher than that of similar products. The matched HF series motor is equipped with an 18 Bit high-resolution absolute encoder, which is the highest accuracy in the industry at present. Only installing a battery on the amplifier can form an absolute position system

mr-j3 series servo amplifier is equipped with USB universal interface, which is convenient for communication with PC. the communication speed block has a strong ability of real-time data acquisition

in addition, MR-J3 series also has the following more superior features:

1. High level automatic tuning function, convenient for users

2. The advanced control function can suppress the vibration at the end of the manipulator

3. Add robust disturbance compensation function, especially suitable for printing industry

4. The new servo setting software Mr configurator has stronger functions, such as automatic tuning and vibration suppression, mechanical analyzer, robust disturbance compensation function, etc. it is more convenient to operate, can easily give play to the best performance of the machine, and the servo system has faster response and better stability

5. The built-in oscilloscope has three channels that can accurately sample three groups of different data at the same time, making debugging and fault diagnosis more convenient and fast

6, in line with international standards

mr-j3 series' multiple performance indicators are industry-leading, providing appropriate solutions for customers' high-level needs, and will become a new milestone in the field of servo and motion control

Mitsubishi general AC servo amplifier MR-J3 series is a servo system with higher performance and functions developed on the basis of mr-j2s series. Sun Yan pointed out that the control modes include position control, speed control, torque control and the switching control mode between them

● the servo amplifier has a wide range of applications. It can be used not only in mechanical tools and general industrial machinery, which need high-precision position control and stable speed control, but also in linear control and tension control

● this product has USB and RS-422 serial communication functions. Through the personal computer installed with the corresponding setting software of each interface on the servo machine, it can carry out parameter setting, commissioning, status display monitoring, gain adjustment and other operations. This product has high-level self-tuning function and advanced vibration suppression control function

● the high-performance servo motor encoder matched with MR-J3 series adopts an absolute position encoder with a resolution of 262144 pulses/revolution. The frequency response of the speed loop is increased to 900hz. It has the characteristics of high speed/large torque, so it has the ability of higher precision control than mr-j2s series

● various series of servo motors adapt to the automatic stop of the moving beam; For different control requirements, the encoder on the motor supports ABS mode. As long as a battery is added to the servo amplifier, an absolute position system can be formed

● the more powerful servo setting software Mr configurator is more convenient to use and has more accurate mechanical analysis function

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