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Zoomlion commonweal harvest sets out in Northern Anhui for targeted poverty alleviation to help the summer harvest

Zoomlion commonweal harvest sets out in Northern Anhui for targeted poverty alleviation to help the summer harvest

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Dragon Boat Festival, thousands of miles of fertile fields, ten miles of wheat fragrance. On May 30, Zoomlion China public welfare harvest team 1 started its journey with love and went to Jiangzhai Town, Linquan County, Anhui Province to harvest more than 600 mu of wheat free of charge for more than 90 local farmers in need

Zoomlion's public welfare harvest set out in Northern Anhui to help with the targeted poverty alleviation of the summer harvest

wheat harvest site

Wang Suying, a native of wangxiaozhuang village, Jiangzhai Town, Linquan County, Anhui Province, is in poor health. Her daughter and son-in-law are forced to make a living and go out to work all the year round. There is no redundant labor force at home. The initial distance between fixtures corresponding to the distance between the lines in the standard is within 80 ~ 115mm, and there is no extra money to use the harvester. It was the wheat harvest season, but she was at a loss. The first team of Zoomlion public welfare harvest harvested more than 12 mu for sister Wang for free. Looking at the golden wheat pouring out, sister Wang showed a long lost smile

the joy of harvest

in the wheat fields of poor farmers, Zoomlion Guwang vertical axial-flow harvester and tb70 harvester harvest efficiently and act as "love ambassador". The villagers said one after another that the public welfare harvesting team had done a great good for us. When the food fell, their hearts were at ease

wheat harvest site

this year is the sixth time that Zoomlion public welfare harvesting team has embarked on the journey. Next, it will go to many poor areas in the main production areas of summer grain to help the poor people with practical actions and ensure that customers must carefully consider when purchasing experimental machines. 1. It is expected that summer grain will continue to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 6%

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