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On August 7, the 12th "love changes destiny" charity student activity was in full swing. Xiaoxiang Morning Post 96360 received constant help from poor students to use this kind of cable fault tester. On the same day, the author talked with Liuchi, deputy secretary of the Party committee of Zoomlion, the donor of donations, and visited the story behind the "student aid"

since 2003, the "love changes destiny" charity student aid activity has been held for 12 years. With the development of the activities, many employees of Zoomlion also began to carry out charity activities spontaneously

2008, zhangyaqian, a female staff member of Zoomlion, launched several surrounding offices to establish an organization called "Youth Volunteer Association". In 2014, this "irregular army" was "incorporated" by the Youth League Committee of Zoomlion and became a "regular army". Hong Chang, 25, became the head of the volunteer association

"after the association is' incorporated ', the company will give funds to support our activities." Said Hongchang

"helping students is our key direction." Liu Chi once went to the countryside for three years. "I know what rural children need." He believes that the quality of the projects that children in poor areas do not apply for the Innovation Award fully shows that our R & D personnel only need material support for their creativity, but also need to enlighten their minds. "It is the most important for them to see more about the outside world and broaden their horizons."

the objects of this charity student aid activity are the children or orphans of urban and rural low-income families enrolled in the first three batches in 2014. The first three batches of enrollment refer to the early approval of the Department, the first batch of undergraduate students and the second batch of undergraduate students in the previous period, but the tuition free university students are not included in the assistance. The subsidy standard is one-time subsidy yuan. You can call Xiaoxiang Morning Post 96360 to apply. If you are willing to give your love to help a college student realize his college dream, you can contact Hunan Charity Federation

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