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Zoomlion product sales signing ceremony was grandly held at 9:30 a.m. on November 26, 2008, Zoomlion held a grand product sales signing ceremony at Bauma China 2008 exhibition. Here, Zhongfa will carry the best wishes of Zhonglian people with its all union heavy industry series of concrete machinery, engineering hoisting machinery, construction hoisting machinery and other equipment. With leading-edge technology, excellent quality and service in the industry, it will help major key construction projects at home and abroad, and realize the creation and improvement of customer value! Xiongyanming, vice president of Zoomlion, Su yongzhuan, marketing director hewenjin, President assisted chenpeiliang, leaders of relevant business units, 10 representatives of domestic and foreign contracted customers, domestic and foreign agents and several domestic and foreign media to come to the scene and jointly witnessed the special moment when Zoomlion held hands with customers at home and abroad during the Bauma conference

"this signing ceremony represents that the complete set of concrete equipment, series of all terrain cranes, crawler cranes, boom tower cranes and super large tower cranes independently developed and manufactured by Zoomlion have once again won the trust and favor of customers and friends at home and abroad. The products signed this time focus on the latest product technology of Zoomlion, which has the characteristics of complete series and high technology content. It will further expand the influence of the "Zoomlion" brand in the global market, and also show the world the new style and strength of Zoomlion as an international enterprise. The products successfully sold this time include a complete set of concrete equipment such as Zoomlion's new pump truck, trailer pump, mixer truck, on-board pump and mixing plant, quy1000 ton crawler crane with complete intellectual property rights, qay350 and qay220 all terrain cranes with technical content exceeding the international advanced level, TCR, the largest boom tower crane in China, and D, a super large tower crane ranking first among the same type of tower cranes in China

"there are new and old friends among the customers participating in the signing this time: LWA, the agent of Zoomlion in the Middle East, suggested that before the operation, ist, ace in India and users from Beijing, Heilongjiang, Shanxi, Zhejiang, Guangdong and other places. Through years of cooperation with Zoomlion, the old friends were moved by the warm and considerate service of Zoomlion people and the professionalism of being urgent to customers. They benefited from the high-quality products of Zoomlion that create value for customers. In 2006, they also strengthened their confidence in working hand in hand with Zoomlion to promote each other. Through the full understanding of Zoomlion in the early stage and the contact with Zoomlion people, the new friends chose to cooperate with Zoomlion because they believed in the "Zoomlion" brand and the integrity of Zoomlion people

"2008 was a very important year in the development history of Zoomlion. The domestic market maintained a relatively high growth rate and continued to improve. The overseas market continued to make breakthroughs and innovate. Friends from all walks of life have given Zoomlion too much support and love. Those who know how to be grateful will, as always, take the historical mission of prosperity and prosperity of the industry and a strong sense of society with the heart of "diligence", adhere to the enterprise development concept of "integrity" and "innovation", continue to explore the enterprise development mode, independently develop and manufacture industry-leading products that meet the needs of global customers, And provide high-quality services that exceed customers' expectations

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