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Zoomlion's perfect closing ceremony of BMW Shanghai 2012 Bauma China

Zoomlion's perfect closing ceremony of BMW Shanghai 2012 Bauma China

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Guide: on November 30, 2012, the Sixth China International Construction machinery, construction machinery, engineering vehicles and Equipment Expo (also known as BMW Shanghai) closed in Shanghai. Nearly 2700 exhibitors from 40 countries and regions participated in this grand event. As China's construction machinery industry

on November 30, 2012, the 6th China International Construction machinery, construction machinery, engineering vehicles and Equipment Expo (Bauma China, also known as "Shanghai BMW Exhibition") closed in Shanghai

nearly 2700 exhibitors from 40 countries and regions participated in this grand event. As a leading enterprise in China's construction machinery industry, Zoomlion brought more than 40 products from its eight main engine divisions to the fair, with a total exhibition area of nearly 8000 square meters

on November 27, chenxiaofei, vice president of Zoomlion and general manager of concrete machinery company, received an exclusive interview. He told, "the products exhibited by Zoomlion this time not only have complete product lines and a large number, but also many of the products have adopted the most advanced technology in the world, breaking many world records."

an expert from the Construction Machinery Industry Association who participated in the exhibition said: "Zoomlion takes the international market as its goal. The strategic intention that each kind of experimental machine needs to be verified is very obvious, and behind this is Zoomlion's clear international market strategy and its scientific and technological innovation gene."

with the strength of scientific and technological innovation

create Zoomlion's "world-class product"

integrate the Italian CIFA technology. It is the longest boom pump truck in the world with a length of 101 meters for seven bridges and seven sections, creating a new "milestone" in the development of concrete machinery technology, representing the highest level of the whole vehicle design of pump trucks in the world

many products exhibited by Zoomlion this time have reached the most advanced international level in terms of technology, and some have even created a number of world records. One of the most eye-catching products is a 101 meter long boom pump truck

this super long boom pump truck was certified by Guinness on September 28 this year, setting a new Guinness world record. The product integrates the Italian CIFA technology. The product adopts the 7-bridge and 7-section ARM technology, and the arm length is 101 meters, creating a new "milestone" in the development of concrete machinery technology, representing the highest level of the whole vehicle design of pump trucks in the world

during the interview, chenxiaofei spent most of his time talking about this "masterpiece" of Zoomlion. It is reported that Zoomlion's internal requirements for technological innovation are almost "harsh". Chenxiaofei said, "Zoomlion has applied for more than 120 patents for the research and development of the 101 meter pump truck. The ability of R & D personnel to solve practical problems has been greatly improved, and these patents can be applied to other products in the future." The bumper harvest of patents can ensure that Zoomlion is always at the forefront of the world, and build a solid technical barrier for this leadership. "

chenxiaofei introduced that, to some extent, the 101m super long boom pump truck is a world-class product with a higher level of construction means and a higher level of design power perfectly integrated in the construction machinery industry

taking the 101m super long boom pump truck as an example, this pump truck itself is a breakthrough. In September, 2011, Zoomlion's 80m carbon fiber boom pump truck was measured on site by the Guinness World Records certification officer and announced the birth of a new world record. This time, Zoomlion, adhering to the power of technological innovation, pushed forward more than 20 meters at a time. Previously, some insiders lamented: "every meter forward of the pump truck boom is no less difficult than landing on the moon."

it can advance more than 20 meters at a time. According to chenxiaofei, from design to completion, it also marks the successful operation of Zoomlion digital platform. "Zoomlion has a digital design platform, and the technology and production process are on a unified platform, thus realizing standardization. Under this framework, the innovation ability and R & D ability of the whole technology have been rapidly improved." Based on the digital platform, the innovation of product raw materials is also an important reason why Zoomlion can create world-class products

the digital platform mentioned by chenxiaofei is one of the achievements of "internationalization" of Zoomlion design. Building this digital platform requires two prerequisites: on the one hand, it can quickly obtain the world's top advanced technology through mergers and acquisitions, saving time and cost; On the other hand, the R & D center is jointly built by domestic and international teams to quickly absorb and integrate these technologies, so as to further develop new technologies. To put it simply, M & A and independent R & d go hand in hand to build a hybrid international R & D team

the use of a unified digital platform makes technology breakthroughs easier and easier. The birth of the 101m pump truck is a prominent example of Zoomlion's transformation of its internationalization strategy into its core competitiveness. As the world's only longest carbon fiber boom pump truck with 7-axle General Motors chassis and 7-arm technology, its core highlight "carbon fiber composite boom and lightweight technology" was jointly developed by Zoomlion and CIFA

in chenxiaofei's opinion, the application of carbon fiber materials in concrete pump trucks is a revolution in manufacturing technology in the construction machinery industry. He said: "the material revolution is the core of the manufacturing revolution. Our leading edge in carbon fiber materials is at least three years ahead of our competitors."

chenxiaofei told that although the cost of carbon fiber was ten times that of the original, the strength was increased by four times and the weight was reduced by more than 40%. Moreover, the high strength and lightweight of carbon fiber technology made the length of the entire boom longer, the floor area smaller and the chassis smaller. From the perspective of practicality and other cost reduction, the overall comprehensive cost did not increase too much

chenxiaofei further pointed out that, "From the perspective of R & D, the design life of RZ pump truck is 30 years, and the strength of carbon fiber is significantly higher than that of ordinary steel. In addition, the current carbon fiber project is customized and has cycle constraints, so the market can be said to be in short supply. Now the carbon fiber manufacturing plant is located abroad, and there is no carbon fiber manufacturing technology in China due to the manufacturing process. At this stage, carbon fiber boom products It is still in the process of continuous promotion and development, so the recognition of customers is the most important. Zoomlion's carbon fiber boom products are very careful in every small step to ensure that the products delivered are excellent. We must not negate the technical progress by the market because of the defects in the design process. "

expand global financing channels

help Zoomlion's international development

"we can't always focus on the A-share market. Foreign financing costs are lower. Zoomlion may also expand financing channels in other countries in addition to US debt in the future."

productivity supported by global resources and global intelligence must also require the protection of global capital and the laying of global markets

Zoomlion is the only enterprise in the domestic construction machinery industry that has listed a+h shares and successfully issued US bonds. Of the US $1.7 billion raised by H-share financing, nearly US $700million was used for the transformation of domestic projects, especially the optimization of production base, R & D base and information management system. The rest included the support and improvement of CIFA, the expansion of overseas emerging markets such as Russia, Brazil, and 15 overseas sales and service centers to 3kg; Construction of Pb service platform at 81~120 kg

of the $1.5 billion raised by its US debt, more than $850million was used for the construction of overseas R & D centers and production and manufacturing centers. Among them, R & D centers are mainly distributed in the United States, Germany, Japan and other places, while production and manufacturing centers are arranged according to the market layout: the United States (covering North America), Russia (covering CIS), Turkey (covering Africa), Brazil (covering South America), India (covering South Asia) and Indonesia (covering Southeast Asia). The rest will be used for the construction of new energy stores, logistics centers and spare parts centers for the development of the new material industry with a global image, and 35 new overseas sales and service platforms will be added

chenxiaofei told us that in the current situation, the cost of raising funds overseas is much lower than that at home. "As for how to get these low-cost financing, the key is to see the enterprise's own operating ability and external credit."

for this reason, after having tried the "sweetness" of US debt, chenxiaofei also revealed to him that the financing channels of Zoomlion will be broader in the future, "we can't always focus on the A-share market. The cost of foreign financing is lower. In addition to US debt, Zoomlion may also expand financing channels in other countries in the future."

an industry expert commented on this, "leveraging foreign technology and foreign markets with foreign capital is obviously different from the internationalization path taken by domestic enterprises at present. Zoomlion's attempts in this regard are worth learning from."

because of its clear international vision, Zoomlion has made amazing achievements in the early stage. After becoming the only enterprise in the industry with both revenue and net profit growth disclosed in the 2012 interim report, according to the recent three quarterly reports, Zoomlion's main business income increased by 60% year-on-year, its main business profit increased by 64% year-on-year, and the net profit attributable to the parent company's owners increased by 54%, continuing the development momentum of "the only double growth" disclosed in the interim report

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