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Zoomlion piling machinery BMW exhibition continued to sign smart new products to help Hangzhou build efficiently

Zoomlion piling machinery BMW exhibition signed smart new products to help Hangzhou build efficiently

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. At this BMW Shanghai exhibition, Zoomlion Foundation Construction released intelligent new products such as the rotary drilling rig series, which not only won numerous praises at the exhibition, but also successfully delivered the first product to customers and officially put it into use, helping Hangzhou municipal construction

Zoomlion foundation construction machinery BMW signed nearly 1billion

nurtured new machines in the crisis and opened a new chapter in the changing situation. On November, Bauma China 2020 overcame the adverse effects of the epidemic and was successfully held in Shanghai New International Expo Center. Zoomlion foundation construction exhibition first released a series of new products of full rotary drilling machine and tunnel boring machine, and participated in the grand event with customers with a new and upgraded rotary drilling machine

▲ basic construction products booth at the main venue of Zoomlion BMW exhibition

on November 25, more than 300 industry customers transferred from the main venue of Zoomlion BMW exhibition in Shanghai to the foundation construction sub venue of Zoomlion Songjiang Industrial Park. Following the pace of the interpreters, the customer friends visited the product production line, product commissioning area and product parking area in the park. The green and intelligent new foundation construction series products and the "performance" of remote-controlled rotary drilling rig witnessed the precision manufacturing and R & D strength of Zoomlion foundation construction

▲ Zoomlion foundation 16 bag foundation construction sub venue (Songjiang Industrial Park)

in the afternoon of the same day, Zoomlion Foundation Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. held the theme activity and appreciation dinner of "honing into a tool, putting heavy piles into battle" Shanghai BMW exhibition. Customers and friends from all over the country, together with leaders of the piling branch of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, members of the company's leadership team, and heads of functional departments and marketing lines, participated in this grand event

▲ on site of Zoomlion foundation construction themed activity, Liweifu, deputy general manager of Zoomlion Foundation Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., shared with the guests the highlights of Zoomlion foundation construction products and classic construction cases

▲ speech by Chen Gang, general manager of Zoomlion Foundation Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.

▲ speech by huangzhiming, Secretary General of piling machine shrinkage and warehouse reduction machinery branch of China Construction Machinery Industry Association

▲ introduction of products by liweifu, deputy general manager of Zoomlion Foundation Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.

a number of customer units from all over the country have signed strategic cooperation agreements with Zoomlion foundation construction, with a total signed amount of nearly 1billion yuan, It shows the customers' favor and trust in Zoomlion brand and products

▲ contract signing link

intelligent new products have been highly praised by customers for their efficient contribution to Hangzhou municipal construction.

during the BMW exhibition, Zoomlion piling machinery not only received a series of new products, but also the first full casing rotary drilling rig zrt210h has been successfully delivered to customers and officially put into use. It is "showing its strength" at the municipal construction site in Hangzhou

relying on decades of research and development and manufacturing strength of Zoomlion deep ploughing engineering machinery, Zoomlion full casing rotary drilling rig has the advantages of superior performance, simple operation, high construction efficiency and low oil consumption. The reliability of many key systems has reached the international advanced level. The whole machine design takes into account the convenience of cooperating with the construction of rotary drilling rig

▲ full casing rotary drilling rig zrt210h BMW exhibition site exhibition drawing

the Hangzhou project site is close to the subway and there are many surrounding residential areas, which have very high requirements for the noise reduction standard of construction equipment, and the working conditions of the project are extremely complex - the pile length is long, and the pile construction needs to pass through the karst cave, rock stratum, quicksand layer and other complex strata during the pile forming process. If the traditional construction technology is adopted, it will be difficult, High safety risk. After comprehensive consideration, the Construction Party of the project finally decided to use Zoomlion full rotary drilling rig for one-time full casing follow-up to realize hole forming and pile forming

▲ site construction drawing I of full casing rotary drilling rig

▲ site construction drawing II of full casing rotary drilling rig

during the construction, the pile depth reached 65m and the casing outer diameter was 1.36M. Zoomlion zrt210h successfully drilled holes in only 24 hours and completed the "pile forming task" within 48 hours. Under such complex geological conditions, construction environment and other working conditions, the task requirements of the construction company have been successfully completed

"Zoomlion rotary drilling rig zrt210h not only has fashionable and beautiful appearance, superior product performance, simple and convenient operation, stable and efficient construction, but also does a very good job in noise reduction treatment, without causing any trouble to the daily life of nearby residents." The on-site construction project leader gave feedback

the past is a prelude. Zoomlion foundation construction will continue to adhere to the development concept of "technology is the root and product is the foundation", and continue to provide "construction tools" suitable for various working conditions, so as to provide high-quality services and create greater value for customers and friends

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