Purchasing skills of practical teak flooring

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Teak is known as "e; King of trees "e;, It has always been the first choice for luxury palaces, luxury villas, luxury cruise ships, luxury yachts and luxury car interiors all over the world. Teak, recognized as the best flooring wood in the world, is the only wood that can experience seawater erosion and sunlight exposure without bending and cracking. Today, Sanshan flooring will take you to know the advantages and disadvantages of teak flooring and purchasing skills. Let's have a look

Product Name: Shenpin 4-6710-s4q Classic Yellow pomelo

① project parameters:

specification: 1223 × one hundred and fifty × 12mm

surface layer: high gloss mirror

base material: domestic high-quality high-density environmental protection floor base material

decorative layer: imported laser inkjet paper

tongue and groove process 1: German Hercules arc lock

tongue and groove process 2: wax sealed waterproof and glue free technology

notch process: 60 wire deep molded R-shaped groove

formaldehyde emission: National Standard

wear resistance grade: household standard

scope of application: bedroom, bedroom, bedroom, bedroom and bedroom.Living room Public places and geothermal environment

warranty period: 15 years




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