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With the gradual plumpness of door and window shopping malls in big cities, the great shopping potential contained in small cities has been widely valued by major door and window enterprises, and many door and window enterprises have begun to extend to some small cities. It can be said that small cities are the blue ocean of window and door careers in the future. Door and window enterprises need to actively plan the mall in order to seize the opportunity of the mall. Guanhao doors and windows Xiaobian summed up three benefits for the company to enter small cities

first, it is more economical for door and window enterprises to spend

in small cities, the planning of door and window enterprises here can reduce the cost of development and sell goods near big cities. If there are no obvious characteristics, it is difficult to obtain the recognition of big cities. The advantages of small cities enable companies to do a good job selling here without having to divert too much energy to other places. Therefore, the profit of each commodity may be higher. The profit here does not only refer to the profit of commodity sales, but also includes the total profit minus labor wages and store expenses. The labor wage and the house price of shops in big cities must be much higher than that in small cities, so small cities have saved a lot of expenses in terms of cost through the above two parts

second, door and window enterprises are more likely to occupy the market share

consumers near small cities will not have too high requests for goods. Therefore, if the quality of door and window goods is good, it is very simple to get the support of small city residents. In large cities, because there are too many kinds of goods and too many brand companies, consumers will simply change their previous views and choose the latest or other brand door and window goods. Therefore, in small cities, door and window enterprises are more likely to occupy a stable market share

third, the promotion does not need too detailed discussion

the promotion in small cities does not need too detailed discussion, but in big cities, it is necessary to make very careful consideration. Because there are too many competitors in big cities, not only domestic companies, but also foreign companies, so door and window enterprises can take great pains to stand beside big cities. Therefore, human input is also a big question, but in small cities, the discussion on promotion can be appropriately weakened, and door and window enterprises will also be more labor-saving

although consumers' understanding of kitchen decoration in small cities has not been completely aroused, the public praise effect of small cities cannot be ignored. Relatively speaking, door and window enterprises are easier to integrate into small cities




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