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The new development of manufacturing/forming technology brings opportunities to the domestic instrument industry

in recent years, China's electronic measurement instrument industry has developed rapidly, made breakthroughs in several major scientific and technological fields, and the reliability and stability of instruments have been greatly improved. Especially in recent years, domestic instruments have made great progress, especially in the research and development of general electronic measuring equipment and automotive electronic equipment, and the gap with foreign advanced products is rapidly narrowing. The development of modularization and virtual technology has brought new development opportunities for China's testing and measuring instrument industry. Coupled with the increasing attention of the state and governments at all levels, it has provided unprecedented power and opportunities for the electronic measuring instrument industry

at present, the domestic electronic instrument industry has formed a number of backbone enterprises in the development and production of electronic instruments, and has researched and developed a number of products with independent intellectual property rights that have reached the advanced level of the same kind in the world. Photo source: danimerscientific

at present, there are more than 500 domestic electronic instrument enterprises above Designated Size, including more than 130 electronic measurement instrument manufacturing enterprises and dozens of electronic measurement instrument backbone enterprises. For the current electronic measurement in five domains, such as "time domain", "frequency domain", "data domain", "impedance domain" and "modulation domain", it is necessary to maintain strategic concentration and normal mentality of measurement instruments. China has developed corresponding products, Among them, dozens of products have reached the advanced level of similar products in the world and have been applied to various fields such as national defense, scientific research and production, which are in urgent need. The output and sales of electronic measuring instruments are nearly 9million, with an increase of about 14%, and the production value and sales volume are about 10billion yuan

although the domestic electronic instrument industry and enterprises have developed several varieties and a certain number of products that have reached the same international advanced level, compared with the international level, there is still a big gap in the product structure, the technical level of high-end products, and the market share (about 10%), which needs to be improved by domestic enterprises

in fact, the market opportunity of domestic testing instrument industry has already come, and the market door has already been opened. The key is that our domestic testing instrument enterprises should seize the opportunity to enter the market and provide high-quality and high-level products. At present, the opportunities faced by China's electronic instrument industry are:

1 The biggest opportunity is the overall upgrading of China's industry. Dozens of information industries, including IC, should be comprehensively upgraded in technology and industry, and other industries outside the information industry should also be comprehensively upgraded in technology and industry; Policies and guidelines such as home appliances to the countryside and the revitalization plan for the electronic information industry will also further expand market demand

2. Energy saving, consumption reduction and emission reduction provide a new broad market for electronic instruments. At this moment, the signal is a simulated signal field. Electronic instruments have dual functions. One is to provide testing instruments for energy conservation, consumption reduction and emission reduction; Second, it can provide electronic instrument application products for energy conservation, consumption reduction and emission reduction

3. The transformation from manufacturing industry to service industry and the integration of 3C technology of market household appliances have provided a new and broad market for electronic instruments. In order to promote the development of electronic instrument industry with weak economic strength, it is suggested that enterprises with independent development ability, independent intellectual property rights and internationally advanced products should be recognized as "electronic instrument high-tech enterprises" by relevant departments, and the state should provide support in relevant policies

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