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Poor quality car glass causes a "safety vacuum"

poor quality glass causes discomfort to car owners

Mr. Zhang told that since the front windshield was replaced, as long as you drive for more than 2 hours each time, you will have symptoms such as sour eyes and dizziness. It is reported that Mr. Zhang has been to the hospital for examination many times, and the results show that there is no abnormality in his body. Therefore, Mr. Zhang is in trouble. It was not until a friend of Mr. Zhang reminded him that Mr. Zhang realized that the problem might lie in his newly replaced windscreen

according to Mr. Zhang's memory, at that time, his car windshield was replaced by a friend in a social maintenance factory. Because it was nearly 100 yuan cheaper than replacing the windshield in a 4S store, he handed over the work of replacing the new windshield to that maintenance factory. "In order to prove that the newly replaced windscreen caused me to feel dizzy every time I drove for a long time, I went to the relevant department for testing, and the test result was' the windscreen of the vehicle was distorted '." Mr. Zhang told that the test results said that the bending of the front windshield of the vehicle exceeded a certain radian, resulting in abnormal light refraction, which would lead to the driver's dizziness every time he drove for a long time

then interviewed the ophthalmologist of Shanghai Ruijin Hospital. Doctors said that if you look at objects through distorted glass for a long time, it is easy to cause eye discomfort and affect the normal viewing angle

inferior glass mixed with auto parts market

came to the auto parts market in Wuzhong road and Hutai Road, where there are relatively concentrated auto parts stores in Shanghai. After visiting, it was found that at present, many auto repair plants can provide windshield replacement services

"master, the front windshield of my car was damaged. Can you change it here? How much is it?" Randomly find a roadside repair shop for inquiry. "Toughened glass is poor, but the better one is double-layer glass. The price varies according to the model. Generally, the price difference between the two is yuan. Although the total price is generally several hundred yuan cheaper than the 4S store, the quality is almost the same as that of the 4S store." Maintenance personnel, Mitsui chemical, a large Japanese chemical manufacturer, launched a project about a year ago, saying that they installed windscreens from auxiliary factories. Compared with the original parts, ordinary people can't see any difference in appearance. Coupled with the low price, many car owners are willing to buy this kind of Auxiliary Factory glass

"the state does not allow tempered glass to be used as the front windshield of cars." According to the statement of the maintenance personnel, China Automotive Glass Industry Association A. tensile test: tensile tests are carried out on various tensile springs. The relevant person said in an interview that the state has expressly prohibited the use of toughened glass for automobile windscreens, because when the toughened glass is broken, it will become a pile of debris and fall like a waterfall, thus blocking the driver's line of sight and not conducive to dealing with emergency situations, Therefore, laminated glass is generally used in the front windshield of automobiles

at the same time, according to the investigation of many glass products in the market conducted by China Automotive Glass Industry Association, there are still many illegal tempered glass products on sale in the domestic auto repair parts market

consumers ignore glass safety

why does tempered glass, which is expressly prohibited by the state, still appear in the auto repair parts market? It is understood that this is mainly because the owners of Jinan Shijin CDW (6) 0 impact test low-temperature tank do not pay enough attention to the safety of the car windshield

it is reported that at present, most car owners are more concerned about products that affect the vehicle's brakes, steering wheels, tires and so on, but for the car windshield, they think it has little impact on driving safety, so they don't pay much attention

Bian Jiang, director of the automotive glass professional committee, said that if there is a problem with the windshield, it is easy to endanger the owner's life safety in the event of a traffic accident. "An important safety function of the windshield is that when a vehicle is hit, the windshield must remain on the vehicle to ensure that drivers and passengers are not thrown out of the vehicle." Bian Jiang told that the windshield is the rear support plate of the airbag at the passenger's position on the right side of the driver when it is deployed. When the airbag is opened, people touch the airbag, and the airbag is pressed onto the front windshield. The glass needs to withstand the triple impact from inertia, passengers and airbag. The solid windshield bonding system limits the forward moving distance of the airbag, ensures the space for people to rush forward, and plays a protective role for people. In other words, if the windshield is of poor quality and installation, causing the glass to fly out, the airbag to turn over, and people to rush forward, the protective effect of the airbag will be greatly reduced, or even ineffective

it is understood that the automobile windshield is also an important support system for the rigid structure of the automobile roof. When a car overturns, it can prevent the car body from further deformation, so as to ensure the safety of drivers and passengers in the car. In addition, automotive glass must also have good optical performance to ensure that the driver's line of sight is not affected. High quality automotive glass can save lives at many critical moments when it is installed correctly

car glass replacement question and answer

q go to the 4S store or the glass store to buy car glass

a it's certainly good to go to the 4S store designated by the automobile manufacturer, because it can be installed to the original accessories. Going to a professional glass store is also a good choice, because it can be cheaper, but the other party needs to have the certification of CAGS (China architectural glass and Industrial Glass Association) and choose a large glass store

q can only choose original glass

a if the car owner accepts that the price can be reduced by about 45% year-on-year, it is certainly good to choose the original car glass. If you choose non original glass, it depends on the glass manufacturers, such as Fuyao and other large glass manufacturers. The quality of the glass is very good. In fact, I'm most afraid of buying fake glass. Not only the strength can't be guaranteed, but also driving will make me dizzy

whether the car glass is "authentic" mainly depends on the icon in the lower corner of the glass. If it is original glass, you can see the icon of the car manufacturer and the icon of the glass manufacturer. If there is only the icon of the glass manufacturer, and there is no icon of the automobile manufacturer, it does not mean that this glass is a fake product. If it is a regular large-scale glass manufacturer, its products have the same quality status as the original glass

q what kind of glass glue is used

a use the original factory grade glass adhesive. Attention should be paid to the safety certification and reliable safe driving time of authoritative departments on the glass adhesive, and at the same time, it should be matched with black primer

q when can I use it after installing the car glass

a after the safe driving time, the car can be used normally. It should be noted that the glass installation system can play its due protective role only after the safe driving time. Note that the safe driving time of vehicles with airbag and vehicles without airbag is different

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