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Ineos plans to incorporate ABS into the styrolation business unit

March 10: styrolation, a subsidiary of Ineos, a leading global polypropylene manufacturer, and the largest ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene copolymer) integrated manufacturer in North America plan to merge their businesses in the Americas

American customers will benefit from the high combination of the two and other special styrene thermoplastic elastomers. In addition, customers will further benefit from the polymer expertise of major industries such as automotive and healthcare provided by styresolution and Ineos ABS

this move can not only meet the standards of revolution and the special things provided by ABS to customers, but also make revolution a leader in the American market in the ABS industry. The company is expected to merge before the end of 2015

the wedge-shaped mouth with two inclined planes on the clamping details of the experimental machine is based on the above clamping method.

the merger plan also helps to promote the two key parts of the three fold transformation strategy of styrol, that is, to strengthen the company's market sample fixture position in styrene special rectangular samples and standard ABS, and to expand the company's position in a higher customer base. The triple transformation also needs to further expand the global footprint of revolution in emerging markets

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