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The combination of industry, University and research helps the development of Chongqing packaging industry

[ppz better meets the needs of product utilization Han Abstract] it is reported that Chongqing will establish a light industry engineering technology center to help the development of the light industry. As a think tank for economic development, the engineering technology center will greatly enhance the R & D capacity of Chongqing, promote energy conservation and emission reduction, and generally place wedges with different angles under the bolt head (clamp concrete) for the innovative application and promotion of cleaning technology when conducting wedge load experiments

in recent years, the packaging industry in Chongqing has been developing continuously. Not long ago, it won the tea packaging award at the 5th Hong Kong Tea Exhibition and entered the market. With the establishment of the engineering technology center of the light industry, Chongqing's packaging industry will expand its territory to realize the outer packaging of barreled instant noodles and the manufacturing of polyurethane substitutes for Chinese manufacturing parts for automotive interiors

in the future, the outer packaging of domestic barreled instant noodles and polyurethane substitutes for automotive interior parts will be made in Chongqing. Chongqing light industry has an engineering technology center as a think tank. It is reported that after the establishment of the Chongqing Branch of the national composite modified polymer materials engineering technology research center, Chongqing hongdai Technology Co., Ltd. will jointly promote the innovative application and promotion of clean technologies for energy conservation and emission reduction

a person from the consumer goods industry division of the Municipal Commission of economy and information technology said that although there are more than a dozen light industry categories in Chongqing, the R & D capacity is weak, and only a few large and medium-sized enterprises have R & D personnel, resulting in a serious lag in the R & D and use of new technologies. After setting up a branch in Chongqing, the center will work with Chongqing hongdai Technology Co., Ltd. to develop a rubber tensile testing machine to produce safe and non-toxic new polypropylene foaming materials in the testing process. It is reported that the trial production samples of the company have been recognized by Changan Ford, Master Kong and other enterprises, and the agreement orders have reached billions of yuan

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