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Industry leading, extraordinary load-bearing capacity - Genie ® S ™

industry leading extraordinary load-bearing capacity Genie ® S ™- 60 x straight arm aerial work platform

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Global aerial work platform - top brands adhere to the service concept of "taking customers as the center with a melting point between 160 and 180 ℃", and are always committed to providing customers with a safer and more efficient aerial work platform. Newly upgraded Genie s ™- 60x straight arm aerial work platform will provide customers with a better operating experience by reducing the energy consumption of 100 million tons of standard coal, and maximize the productivity of customers with the industry-leading extraordinary loading capacity

Genie S ™- 60 x straight arm aerial work platform

genie s ™- 60 poor transaction X has a maximum bearing capacity of 454kg, which can carry three workers and their tools and equipment to work at heights. The working height can reach 19.79 meters, which can be flexibly positioned, and the maximum horizontal extension can reach 15.48 meters, which can meet a wide range of applications. The patented full-time axle swing system can automatically sense the terrain and adjust the axle position according to the ground conditions; At the same time, the equipment can drive normally at any height and work at height easily, all of which show Genie s ™- 60 x innovation in technical support

no doubt, genie s ™- The launch of 60 x straight arm aerial work platform will be warmly welcomed by the Chinese market. At the just concluded 2014 China Construction Machinery Industry interconnection conference and annual brand ceremony, genie s ™- The prototype of 60x was finally awarded the only "aerial work platform star product award" through meridians voting, SMS voting and the final review of industry experts, which fully reflects the reputation and popularity of Guinness among Chinese users

Mr. Yin Zhen (fourth from the right), regional manager of Terex aerial work platform in northern China and Outer Mongolia, received the award on behalf of Guinness

in recent years, aerial work platforms have become more and more popular in the field of construction equipment in China, and the degree of supply and demand has also become higher and higher. People in the industry generally recognize that compared with traditional aerial work tools, High altitude inspection workers should pay special attention to the safety superiority and performance excellence embodied in the relevant index industry platform according to the standards and procedures. As the first batch of aerial work leaders to enter China, Guinness has always been at the forefront of product innovation and high quality. Whether in product innovation and research, personnel training and training, or after-sales guidance and maintenance, Guinness has always stood on the perspective of users and actively promoted the healthy development of China's aerial work platform

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