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The application of bar code in furniture packaging design

China's furniture manufacturing industry, which is under the macro background of "we must accelerate the industrialization driven by informatization, and transform and upgrade traditional industries with high technology and advanced applicable technology", has made remarkable progress after decades of development, forming a certain industrial scale. China's furniture production and export have played a very important role in the international furniture industry

but we should realize that although China's furniture manufacturing industry is huge, it is not strong. The design level, manufacturing technology and management level of furniture in China are still relatively backward. Compared with the mature industrialization of the standardization, finalization, standardization and specialization of parts and components in the furniture manufacturing industry in industrialized countries, and the high mechanization, automation and collaboration of production methods, China's furniture industry is still immature. Especially in the new century of economic globalization and informatization, with the change of the business environment of enterprises, national boundaries can no longer block foreign enterprises with high efficiency and agility from abroad. Enterprises in the information age must compete with the best enterprises in the world. Enterprises that meet the needs of customers and use information technology to improve business efficiency and flexibility will dominate the production of installing extensometers or strain gauges on standard tensile specimens in the first century when they are in tension

therefore, if we do not use high-tech and advanced applicable technology to transform and upgrade the traditional industry of furniture, and if we do not carry out the informatization construction of China's furniture manufacturing industry, we will lose the opportunity for China's furniture manufacturing industry to flow into the international furniture manufacturing industry again

after realizing the informatization construction and importance of furniture manufacturing industry, if we can't accurately understand informatization, we can't have correct informatization action

let's start with the basic connotation of informatization - "the so-called enterprise informatization is to use computer, network and communication technology to support the enterprise's product development, production, sales, service and many other links, so as to realize the systematization, networking and integration of information collection, processing and management, the efficiency and real-time of information circulation, and finally realize the comprehensive supply chain management and e-commerce."

through the understanding of informatization, the enterprise informatization construction needs to systematically and methodically manage the increasingly complex internal and external information, and to achieve this goal, it is necessary to uniformly manage suppliers, customers, materials and other information, and establish a complete database system. As an important method and means of information management system, automatic identification technology represented by bar code technology plays an important role in the construction of manufacturing information. Using bar code technology to collect, track and manage the relevant information of enterprises can meet the needs of enterprises in many aspects of information management, such as incoming material warehousing, material preparation, production and manufacturing, quality control, warehousing and transportation, market sales, after-sales service and so on. In order to enhance the furniture enterprises' understanding of the application of bar code technology in the informatization construction of furniture manufacturing industry

1 overview of bar code technology

1.1 the emergence and development of bar code technology

the so-called bar code refers to a tool printed by a special bar code printer to store certain information. Bar code technology is a new technology based on computer science and modern optics, which represents the number and symbol information through graphics, and is used to represent the relevant information of the identifier itself

barcode technology was originally developed to solve the problem of labor-consuming, time-consuming and error prone when manually inputting repeated short strings with a keyboard. J.t. Kermode of the United States applied for the world's first barcode patent (U.S. Patent No. 1985035) in 1934. Since the 1960s, bar code technology has entered the practical stage. In 1970, the unified coding Association of the United States first used the universal product code (UPC) in the grocery industry. In 1977, based on upc-12 code, the European Community formulated a more perfect coding system, EAN code, which "European article has great configuration flexibility". By 1981, EAN had developed into an international organization, EAN international. At present, EAN code has become a worldwide product symbol standard

with the continuous popularization of computer applications, bar code technology is widely used internationally. It has the characteristics of good confidentiality, low error rate (generally up to less than one millionth), fast input speed, strong applicability and so on. It can be widely used in postal communications, social services and many other fields that need to track and manage or count production products, especially in electronics, electrical appliances, machinery The application of automobile and other manufacturing industries has been quite mature. It can be said that the application of bar code technology can be introduced to a deep level in the manufacturing industry

in December, 1988, China established the "China article coding center", which is specially responsible for the coding management of national articles, and formally joined the ean organization on behalf of China in April, 1991. The ean organization assigned the top three ean standard codes to China for use. After that, bar code technology has been widely used in China's post and telecommunications system, library and information, production process control, medical and health care, transportation, commodity circulation and other fields, and bar code technology industry has gradually emerged, laying a solid foundation for the further application and promotion of bar code technology in China

1.2 principle of bar code technology

bar code is made up of bars and spaces with different widths and reflectivity according to certain coding rules (coding system), which is a graphic identifier used to express a group of numeric or alphabetic symbol information, that is, bar code is a group of parallel line graphics with different thicknesses and spacing according to certain rules. Bar codes represent different numbers or alphabetic information through the combination of different widths of these bars and spaces. A different combination of widths represents a different character, and then these characters composed of bars and spaces are continuously arranged together to form the bar codes we usually see. Common bar codes are composed of black bars (referred to as bars) and white bars (referred to as empty) with great reflectivity differences

when reading these information, use some technical means or optical equipment to scan and extract the barcode information, decode it, and then store or output the results

1.3 types of bar codes

after continuous development, the types of bar codes have developed to dozens, forming different symbol systems (called bar code coding system). The symbol system of bar codes is different from the general symbol system, not only the data class it represents, but also the security of symbols, reading efficiency and other restrictions

the types, characteristics and applications of commonly used bar codes are shown in Table 1. At present, the most frequently used code systems are ean code, UPC code, code39 code, code128 code and UCC/EAN-128 code. UPC code is mainly used in North America; Ean code is an international general symbol system, which is a fixed length, meaningless bar code, mainly used for commodity identification; UCC/EAN-128 code is a specific bar code symbol jointly developed by the international article coding Association and the United States unified code Committee. It is a continuous, non fixed length, meaningful high-density code, which is used to indicate the production date, batch number, quantity, specification, shelf life, place of receipt and other more commodity information. Other code systems are applicable to some specific occasions, such as kudeba code, which is used for tracking and management of blood banks, libraries, parcels, etc. Code 25 is used for packaging, transportation and international aviation system to code tickets in sequence

while the one-dimensional bar code technology has been widely used, the two-dimensional bar code technology represented by PDF417 has also developed, and has been widely used with its advantages of large capacity, high density, diversified storage information and anti-counterfeiting. In addition, two-dimensional bar code also has the advantages of low cost, information can move with the carrier, independent of database and computer network, confidentiality and anti-counterfeiting performance. The emergence of two-dimensional bar code is a milestone in the history of bar code development. It improves the application level of bar code technology qualitatively and widens the application field of bar code technology quantitatively

1.4 system composition of bar code technology

bar code technology involves four aspects: label technology, coding technology, recognition technology and printing technology. Generally, a bar code application system should include three modules: bar code scanning, bar code information collection and processing, and information feedback back to the central database

2 the important role of bar code technology - meet the requirements of information construction for data accuracy and timeliness, and consolidate the ERP system

bar code technology has become the most effective means to quickly and accurately strengthen enterprise supply chain management through the collection and tracking of data in all links of the enterprise. Its application solves the "bottleneck" problem of data entry and data collection, and provides strong technical support for enterprise supply chain management. Bar code technology can also cooperate with other automatic identification technologies and modern technical means such as POS system and EDI, so that enterprises can know the specific position of products in the supply chain at any time, and effectively shorten the lead time for making correct decisions

The application of bar code technology in manufacturing industry came into being with the development of enterprise informatization. With the advent of e-commerce era, information technology has undoubtedly become an important means for enterprises to improve production efficiency and enhance product market competitiveness. Therefore, enterprises have implemented ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning System) and other management information systems for all links of production, supply and marketing, so as to help enterprises improve operational efficiency and management level, so that enterprises can calmly cope with the rapid changes in the market and meet the needs of customers to the greatest extent

the implementation of ERP system puts forward higher requirements for the real-time and accuracy of information in the process of sales, production and logistics. To give full play to the powerful efficiency of ERP, an efficient execution system is needed to coordinate and manage the plan and the actual production operations, and track and feed back the implementation of the plan in time. Because the overall level of China's furniture industry is not high, the investment scale is small, the quality of employees needs to be improved, and the informatization foundation is relatively weak. These have seriously hindered the implementation of enterprise ERP, and even led to the failure of ERP system implementation. Because in ERP system, the soul of data, if the basic data supporting the operation of ERP system is wrong or incomplete in the collection and transmission, the decision-making system can only get wrong results and incomplete information

it is bar code technology that provides the best means of data collection for the executive layers of manufacturing and inventory management of enterprises. It collects and processes relevant data through bar code technology, replacing the original operation of manually recording information, avoiding information errors caused by repeated and cumbersome manual operations, improving work efficiency, ensuring the accuracy of information collection, and enabling it to accurately and timely collect process information, Help enterprises greatly improve production efficiency and management level. Bar code technology has become the basic application tool of management modules in ERP, such as material management, work maintenance, quality management, production planning and control

3 specific application of bar code technology in the informatization construction of furniture manufacturing industry


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