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Application of high barrier materials in the pharmaceutical packaging industry II

as a high barrier packaging material for medicine, PVDC coated composite materials are most suitable for making blister packaging of drugs and composite packaging bags of granules and powders. This is because the mechanical and some specific physical properties of the coating materials are determined by the coated substrate they choose, and the final permeability, fragrance retention and oil resistance are provided by the coating, Users only need to determine the mechanical and physical performance requirements of the packaging materials and the degree of protection according to the characteristics of the packaged contents and the circulation environment to select the barrier ability of the substrate and coating. The base material for blister packaging is PVC sheet, and the base material for composite packaging bags of granules and powders is BOPET or BOPP film

the barrier ability of PVDC coating is not only directly related to the thickness of the coating, but also related to the film-forming process and process control of the coating. During the film-forming process of PVDC latex coating, it is necessary to ensure that all coatings are fully dry; Ensure that there is sufficient heat energy supply and exchange so that the water medical staff can ensure that the material is light and non-invasive due to the loss of deformation layer; In particular, the drying of the primer must be carried out through the proprietary IR and air drying technology of Qionghua High Tech Institute, so as to ensure that there is no excessive drying. After the coating pinholes or surface crusts appear due to the boiling of waterproof parts, the bottom water vapor penetrates, resulting in the cracking of the coating or the insufficient drying of the inner layer. During the drying process, it shall be ensured that there is sufficient air velocity and exchange capacity (generally 50000 m3/h) to purge the water film on the coating surface, so that there is a reasonable water gradient distribution from the interior of the coating to the surface, so that the water can migrate to the surface quickly. There is a reasonable drying time (at least 7 seconds) in the drying process of the surface coating, so that the PVDC coating can be further oriented and the molecules can fully move, the crystallinity can be improved, the higher the crystallinity is, the better the barrier performance is, and the low molecular weight polymer monomer in the PVDC copolymer can be evaporated as much as possible. These are conducive to improving the barrier performance of PVDC coating, ensuring that PVDC has good solvent resistance and effectively reducing the residual solvent in the process of printing and composite processing; Qionghua high tech uses water-soluble materials, so there is no solvent residue problem, and it can effectively ensure the peel strength of the coating. The national drug packaging container (material) standard YBB of the state drug administration stipulates that the peel strength is 6.0n/15mm. Qionghua high tech adopts proprietary technology, which makes the peel strength greater than 10n/15mm, and also improves the gloss and transparency of the coated composite materials

The drying and film forming process of PVDC is not so simple. How to fully understand this process and design a more reasonable process control process? After five years of practice and exploration, Jiangsu Qionghua High Tech Co., Ltd. finally explored a scientific and reasonable new coating composite processing technology. Only with scientific and reasonable process design and accurate process control, can we produce high-quality PVDC coating composites and reflect the true face of PVDC, a high barrier pharmaceutical packaging material. It is not easy to reflect this. Therefore, there is no quality guarantee to realize PVDC emulsion coating production on dry compounding machine or printing machine. It can only provide limited barrier performance for a long and short time, and is likely to bring other quality problems. Such as poor oil and solvent resistance, insufficient composite peel strength, etc. In addition, we cannot scribe the coating surface as flat as the horizontal plane. From the microscopic point of view, any surface has a roughness. At present, it is not difficult to find products with coarser coatings in the domestic market. Rough coating (even coating streamline or cracking) not only brings uneven ink splashing transfer defects to printing, but also defects such as thick coating, insufficient drying, insufficient coating density, insufficient barrier ability, weak solvent resistance and low composite peel strength at the peak of roughness. Strictly speaking, this is not a qualified PVDC coated composite product

how to effectively combine the equipment structure, latex formula, tension setting, speed control, temperature control and other aspects is the core technical secret of PVDC coating manufacturers. Qionghua high tech has a number of proprietary new technologies in this field, ensuring the leading technology and excellent quality of products. In short, PVDC coated composite is a barrier packaging material that has been proved by more than 30 years of use in developed countries. At present, there is no substitute for materials with better value and function. In Japan, the vast majority of blister packaging uses PVC packaging coated with PVDC (according to Ichi Osaka, director of Toray Institute of chemistry in Japan). In Germany, 80% of drug blister packaging uses pvc/pvdc high barrier packaging materials, while in China, the proportion of blister packaging using this material is less than 5%. At present, the key is how to better understand and master the performance and reasonable processing process of PVDC. To objectively show its true appearance. Actively guide domestic pharmaceutical companies to understand and use the material

packaging demand is determined by the characteristics of the contents of the packaging and the product circulation environment after packaging; The packaging of vitamin E capsules, packed with PVC blisters, will appear hygroscopic deliquescence and even wall adhesion after a period of time. If PVC packaging coated with PVDC is used, this phenomenon can be avoided. For example, using nylon/pe packaging to process meat products is feasible in northern China except in summer, but in summer, due to humidity and heat, The barrier property of nylon decreases sharply, so that this composite structure can not meet the needs of processing meat products. Another example is bopp/pe, a composite film with simple structure, which is feasible for the outer packaging of instant noodles, but it is completely impossible to use the composite film with this structure for the packaging of biscuits and sweets. This is not only because its moisture and gas resistance is slightly insufficient, but more importantly, this composite film does not have fragrance retention ability at all. If the packaging of food such as cookies and candy does not have sufficient fragrance retention and odor separation ability, the taste will be greatly discounted. The bag packaging of pharmaceutical granules and powders needs more effective protection of moisture and oxygen. The attraction of this commodity (medicine is a special commodity) to consumers lies in the organic combination of their unique functions and the main flavor of food (the flavor of biscuits and the sweetness of sugar). If you use PVDC coated composites, you won't worry about the loss of fragrance and the entry of peculiar smell

the commonly mentioned high barrier packaging material will think of aluminized film (in fact, it is not a high barrier material). Qualified aluminized film will have better water vapor barrier performance than its corresponding PVDC coated film, but as a high barrier packaging, we should also consider the barrier to oxygen and flavor. In this regard, aluminized film is far less than PVDC coated composites. Generally, the aluminum coating thickness of the aluminum coating film on the market is about 300A. In addition, due to the firmness of the aluminum coating, the actual oxygen resistance of the aluminum coating composite film is much smaller than that of the PVDC coating composite material. According to the viewpoint put forward by the American "Encyclopedia of packaging technology", the aluminum coating film is not a high barrier packaging material. Although PA (nylon) has a certain oxygen barrier ability in dry state, its barrier performance decreases significantly with the increase of ambient temperature, and PA hardly has the ability to keep fragrance and smell. In this regard, PA is not as good as pet, but pet's oxygen barrier ability is even worse. PA and pet are not really high barrier materials. High barrier properties at least include water vapor, oxygen fragrance barrier, and corrosion resistance to oil and drugs. These PVDC coated composites have excellent properties. Therefore, it can be said that PA has good oil resistance, but it can greatly simplify the circuit structure fragrance and uncertain oxygen resistance. Pet has a little fragrance retention, but its humidity and oxygen resistance often fail to meet the packaging requirements; Aluminized film has certain moisture resistance, but oxygen resistance and fragrance preservation are far from enough. It cannot be used in pharmaceutical blister packaging

people have a full understanding of the oxygen and humidity resistance of PVDC, but it is a pity that PVDC's performance of protecting against odor and oil resistance has not been recognized as oxygen and humidity resistance. These properties are as important to most commodity packaging as oxygen and humidity resistance. In addition to strict requirements on water vapor, drugs also have strict requirements on the barrier of oxygen, because most effective ingredients in drugs are sensitive to oxygen and are easy to be oxidized, such as allicin, V-E, biscuits, candy, cigarettes, cakes, seasoning bags of instant noodles, oil bags, cosmetics (containing active enzymes), etc. it is very important to treat the preservation of special flavor. Without fragrance preserving packaging, the quality of goods will decline sharply with the extension of storage time. Consumers will have different feelings when using goods at different times, which will have great doubts about the stability of the manufacturer's product quality, especially the fierce competition of goods and the longer shelf life, which will give consumers the impression that a commodity is not as good as it used to be. In order to maintain the brand image, some manufacturers have to destroy the expired goods, which shows the economic value of extending the shelf life and the importance of using high barrier packaging materials

adopting high barrier packaging is the most economical and effective way to maintain the brand image of commodities. Viagra is of the same quality all over the world, because it uses blister packaging of pvc/pvdc coated composite materials. However, the efficacy or taste of drugs or foods we manufacture are far different from those of manufacturers when they are used by consumers or when they are just off the production line. This city has the same products and brands as that city, but the efficacy and taste are very different. Therefore, the key of drug and food packaging lies in the selection of high barrier performance

specific application of high barrier materials in drug packaging

at present, the most commonly used blister packaging material is polyvinyl chloride (PVC) rigid sheet Blister packaging. PVC materials are selected for their good miscibility, easy to form and seal, and low price; However, its thermal stability is poor and its barrier to water vapor and oxygen is low. Pvc/pvdc coating composite is a kind of material with the best barrier performance. It can be used under high temperature and high humidity conditions, and other properties are similar to PVC. The existing blister packaging equipment can be used without adding any new equipment

most solid oral drugs will fail after being affected with humidity, especially the following drugs. The stability research of ICH (International Conference on the coordination of technical requirements for the registration of drugs for human use) shows that the effective control of relative humidity can reflect the critical state of humidity. Antibiotics, anti tuberculosis drugs, vitamins, calcium zinc compounds, painkillers, health drugs, cardiovascular drugs, enzymes, oxygen inhibitors, antihistamines, sleeping pills and Chinese patent medicines. Therefore, PVDC coated composite high barrier packaging materials play an important role in the process of drug packaging

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