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Industry vocabulary such as silk printing is not standardized, and the terminology is standardized

[Huicong silk printing special print] laser

the semantic translation of "laser" or transliteration of "laser" has been passed, but laser has nothing to do with the metal element laser RA, which is not a ray generated by laser, so it is not necessary to use "laser"


the translation has meaning, translating "Mask", "trim", "trim", "shade", "Mask", "Mask" and transliteration of "horse", etc., the latter two are the most concise

negative type PS plate

both mainland and Taiwan counterparts were translated into "negative type PS version" in the early stage, which is inappropriate. First, the original or printed matter can be called "picture", and the negative film obtained by photography is usually called positive film, negative film, positive film and negative film. Second, whether the PS version is made of negative or positive films, the image is positive, and after printing, it is positive (except for those who are anti white due to special needs). Third, the classification of negative type PS plate material testing machine is for plates made of negative films, so it is appropriate to translate it into "negative type PS plate". Similarly, positive type PS plate is translated as "positive type PS plate"


is now connected with lithography and planography, both referring to lithography. The unified translation of offset in the mainland industry is "offset printing", which has unclear meaning and is easy to be confused with "offset printing", "rubber printing" or flexography. Hong Kong's transliteration of "Ke style" is a Cantonese dialect, which is not easy to popularize


the meaning of "proofing" and "proofing" translated by Hong Kong colleagues is inconsistent, It's not as good as "8. You can set the comparison table of ambient temperature and force values of different models (the proofing shown in the following table).


mainland translation" quality " Quality should be quantified. But some qualities, such as beauty and art, are difficult to quantify with data. Quality is quality, while quantity is quantity; Even if the quality grade can be expressed by quantification, the result still shows the quality, so the words quality and quantity need not be combined into one word


the light reflected or transmitted by the original is continuously adjusted. According to the traditional method, it can be decomposed into discontinuous points (or lines) only after passing through the screen, so the translation of "too" is more appropriate. "Plus" or "up" is easily confused with flattening or gradual layering when making up and printing. According to the new law, those with "dot (line) processing" are

screen printing

both mainland and Hong Kong counterparts translate "silk printing", which is referred to as "unscientific" by Ms. Pei Guifan, editor in chief of Beijing "silk printing". If it is not completely used in modern silk printing, the new gasket attached to this machine should be used to install it to prevent oil leakage under high pressure. Silk is rarely used, but Teflon, nylon, 7, oil pump metal, etc. are mostly used, so it should be referred to as "plate printing"

web offset press

Taiwanese peers mistakenly call it a "rotating machine", which is inappropriate. In the early days of Gai, the rotary press was commonly known as the "rotary press", including high-speed embossing press, lithography press and gravure press. The web refers to web feeding, which is different from sheet feeding. Since the web printing material is not limited to paper, the translation of "web lithography machine" is appropriate

wipe on plate

there are translations of "instant coated photosensitive plate" or "self coated photosensitive plate". In addition to PS plate, such as protein plate, gravure plate, collotype plate, direct method plate, direct method gravure plate, photographic copper zinc relief plate, etc., it is also instant coated or self coated plate, so the meaning is unclear. Another translation is "easy to apply version", but wipeon coating by hand is not necessarily easier than machine coating. Therefore, the transliteration of "Wei'an version" is relatively concise

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