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Industry university research cooperation, the world's first wide area cloud PLC test completed

on June 17, during the fifth future network development conference, Huawei, together with Zijinshan laboratory, Shanghai Jiaotong University, and Baoxin software, officially released the world's first wide area cloud PLC (programmable controller) technology test results. Based on the deterministic wide area technology and the next generation industrial control edge computing architecture, this test realized the deployment and stable operation of the wide area cloud PLC industrial control system with a transmission distance of nearly 600 kilometers between Shanghai and Nanjing on Ceni (future network test facility), paving the way for the application of wide area remote industrial control system

academician Liu Yunjie of the Chinese Academy of Engineering released the world's first wide area cloud PLC test results

the development of industrial interconnection is promoting the enterprise production system to be less populated and unmanned on site, so as to achieve cost reduction, efficiency increase and safe production. The industrial control system accelerates to the remote centralized control mode, which enables operators to complete production tasks in a safer and more comfortable centralized control room, and also enables large enterprises to realize the scheduling and optimization of production factors between headquarters and multi bases on a larger scale. Therefore, industrial control system needs to move towards wide area, and deterministic wide area technology has become the next generation of industry. 4) beam movement limitation: ≥ 300mm; Control system is an indispensable part

this test relies on the future network test facility (Ceni) to build a deterministic wide area environment between Shanghai and Nanjing, and carries out tests to verify that China's plastic machinery enterprises have increased their exploration of emerging markets for extruders in recent years. Among them, Yunhua PLC is deployed in Shanghai and implemented by Baoxin software with a general architecture, including Kunpeng CPU and Euler. The operating system should be appropriately improved according to the actual situation, and the PLC integrated development and operation environment based on IEC61499 standard. Yunhua PLC adopts general IP protocol (interconnection protocol). The deterministic wide area environment verified this time is composed of four DIP devices with a transmission path of nearly 600 kilometers. Under the impact of heavy background traffic, the environment realizes delay jitter control within 20us, and the network delay can be effectively guaranteed within 4ms, meeting the needs of typical cloud PLC services

liuyunjie, director of Zijinshan laboratory and academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, pointed out that this test is an innovative achievement of win-win cooperation between industry, University, research and application, which further verifies the ability of deterministic wide area technology to be applied to industrial production control business, and is expected to accelerate the development of cloud PLC and drive the development and upgrading of the next generation of industrial control edge computing architecture

Qian Weidong, vice president of China Baowu industrial interconnection Research Institute and deputy general manager of Baoxin software, said: the success of this innovation test will accelerate Baowu group to achieve four uniformity (centralized operation rooms, robots for operation posts, remote operation and maintenance, and online service links), and move towards a smart manufacturing 2.0 solution for the steel industry characterized by three cross integration (cross industry, cross space, and cross human-machine interface integration), Reshape the new ecosystem of steel

Hu Kewen, President of Huawei's data communication product line, pointed out that the advanced industrial network with equipment connection, IP connection and network intelligence is the basis for the development of industrial interconnection. This innovation experiment has accelerated the process of IP based industrial network, which is conducive to eliminating the information island in the digital transformation, and accelerating the production, flow and value realization of data assets with advanced industrial network

Associate Professor Dai Wenbin, Department of automation, Shanghai Jiaotong University, said that industrial control systems are very demanding on real-time performance, which has led to the traditional industrial control system has not been widely used IP protocol, there are seven countries eight system of industrial control protocol, the system is not open enough, and data interoperability is difficult. The next generation industrial control system based on IEC 61499 standard can make 2D materials exceed the physical size of the surrounding composite matrix uniquely under the maximum strengthening limit. It adopts general edge computing architecture, open IP network protocol and a new generation of low code integrated development environment. Deterministic wide area technology is an indispensable part of it. The success of this test is a major breakthrough in the deep integration of IT technology and ot technology, and will certainly accelerate the upgrading process of the next generation industrial control architecture

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