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The "cake" of IOT's next trillion industry and 3trillion market has been released

the 2012 fourth Shenzhen International IOT technology and Application Expo, jointly hosted by the China Electronics Society and the international IOT trade and Application Promotion Association, and co hosted by Shenzhen IOT Media Co., Ltd. (IOT world) and Shenzhen Institute of electronics, was grandly opened in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center today

according to Yang weiqi, general manager of IOT media, IOT has developed rapidly in recent years and is known as the third wave of world information industry development after computers and Internet. Although China's IOT industry is still in its infancy, and standards, technologies, business models and supporting policies are far from mature, in view of its broad application prospects, IOT will be the next trillion level industry. According to insiders, in the next three years, the authoritative report of China IOT 3D industry said that the industry will take the lead in the popularization of smart electricity, smart home, digital city, intelligent medical treatment, vehicle sensors and other fields, and is expected to achieve a total output value of about 3trillion. And now the development of IOT has been mentioned to the strategic height of the country. It is not only the need of upgrading, building and strengthening the chain when information technology has developed to a certain stage, but also an important opportunity to realize the adjustment of national industrial structure and promote industrial transformation and upgrading

it is reported that with the theme of innovation and integration, this exhibition will comprehensively show the audience the most cutting-edge IOT innovative products, communication technology and products, network architecture and data processing, system integration and software, IOT overall solutions and other major categories. At the same time, exhibitions, forums, conferences and activities with rich content, diverse forms and forward-looking will also be held simultaneously in 2013 to explore the development direction of the industry

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