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The industry ushered in a new investment cycle. The semiconductor sector strengthened in the afternoon of April 13. As of press time, the semiconductor index rose 1.35%, ranking second in the wind theme sector. Stocks in the sector rose in a large area, with North China Huachuang, Quanzhi technology, Zhaoyi innovation, Taiji industry and other companies leading the increase

CAITONG Securities said that it is expected that in, all product areas of the global semiconductor market will show a growth trend. From the perspective of market size and self-control ability, the implementation of the "plastic restriction order" in China does not seem to be "in vain" as the report said. In addition, as a core global semiconductor market, China has a huge demand for semiconductors. From the perspective of the global semiconductor development trend, the industry has accelerated its domestic transfer; Domestic policies vigorously support the integrated circuit industry; In terms of scale, the growth rate of the domestic industry remained high in 2018. It is expected that the sales volume of China's semiconductor industry will increase to 829.5 billion yuan in 2018, becoming a larger global market. 2018 will also be the year when China's domestic economy continues to grow, but also stimulates the demand for instruments. The development and investment of the semiconductor industry are 2. The inconveniences of traditional zigzag experiments: (1) the zigzag experiment position of the cylinder mounted universal experimental machine is relatively high

new era Securities said that at present, China's integrated circuit products are highly dependent on foreign countries, and independent innovation and import substitution of domestic chips are imperative. The government has given strong support in policy, capital, taxation and other aspects, and China's integrated circuit industry is ushering in a new round of investment cycle. Semiconductor equipment is the "crown" at the top of the value chain of the semiconductor industry and the basis for the development of the semiconductor industry. Some domestic semiconductor equipment enterprises have already possessed certain competitiveness in their respective subdivisions. It is suggested to pay attention to the beneficiary targets such as precision measurement electronics, northern Huachuang, Changchuan technology, Jingsheng Electromechanical, etc

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