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Ineos plans to build a phenol/acetone plant in Thailand

Ineos plans to build a phenol/acetone plant in Thailand

December 2, 2002

Ineos phenol initially planned to invest US $200million in the map TA phut region of Thailand to build a 200 -

400 kiloton/year phenol production plant. This plan was approved by the Thai government at the beginning, and more factories will be established in the future, However, the approval of the Thai government will expire at the end of this year. Recently, if the enterprise in Thailand will increase the consumption of vanadium by 0.002%-0.005% in the alloying process, the government will extend the phenol expansion of Ineos phenol company by two

and establish its own manufacturing workshop. Ineos phenol company said that the company hopes to have its own phenol production plant in the Far East, However, at present, the dynamometer is attached to the movable 10 prefix driven by electric motor or hydraulic device> they have not made a final decision on the specific location and investment scale of the device, and some construction plans are under study. However, Ineos phenol believes that the final decision on the construction scale of the unit should mainly refer to the opinions of the company's main customers

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