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Industry station takes the lead in transformation and leads the new media era of packaging and related industries

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core tip: at 16:00 p.m. on October 24, 2014, the mechanical testing performance of China Packaging particleboard is mainly tested in various states. Experimental packaging () changes its old appearance, The new version of Chinese packaging with the new concept of "portal new media" was launched. In order to meet the continuous development of Internet technology and give full play to the media role of the printing and packaging industry, China packaging has made revisions and upgrades according to the interconnected operation needs of the packaging industry

[China Packaging News] at 16:00 p.m. on October 24, 2014, China Packaging () changed its appearance, and the new version of China packaging, with portal new media as the new main concept, was launched luxuriously. In order to meet the continuous development of Internet technology and give full play to the media role of the printing and packaging industry, China packaging has made revisions and upgrades according to the interconnected operation needs of the packaging industry

Gong Jingqiang, executive deputy director and Secretary General of the e-commerce Committee of China Packaging Federation and President of China packaging, said: conforming to the development of the times and making reform and innovation has been the purpose of China packaging for 15 years. This revision is of great significance! It is the crystallization of the in-depth integration of industrialization and industrialization. It is a representative work to help the transformation and upgrading of the traditional packaging industry, and it has knocked on the door of the new media era for the industry portal

the boom period of information stations in traditional industries has long passed. From the initial touch to today's portal new media transformation, as a portal leader in the packaging industry, relying on 15 years of experience in industry stations, China's packaging industry has made a step-by-step progress, and is struggling to move forward in the wave of Internet e-commerce defeating traditional industries. The year 2014 marks the 15th anniversary of the founding of China packaging. At this historical moment, China packaging sets out to meet the needs of the times and changes and rises

in the era of new media, the new version of Chinese packaging has many highlights. Compared with the old version, the new station has been greatly improved in terms of technology, content, structure, layout, etc., with more beautiful pages, more comprehensive information, and more complete functions. The new version of packaging focuses on the characteristic framework of the trinity of information, enterprise and transaction, and the auxiliary chain of industrial belt, exhibition and enterprise training. Packaging will take new media marketing as a way to attract the attention of industry media by interviewing social celebrities and enterprise events, so as to enhance the popularity and reputation of enterprises or products

analysis of three main highlights:

information section: lead the perspective of industry authority, set industry benchmarks, release first-hand information, and integrate the most professional and real development data of the packaging industry; Regularly plan special columns, release new technologies for enterprise development, improve the company's brand image, plant/participate in the selection of top 100 packaging e-commerce and enterprise celebrities with high-end functions in the field of new biomedicine, and participate in the selection of medical materials and other media. In addition, the electronic e-journal of packaging E-commerce is online for reading

enterprise sector: after years of development, China's packaging and related industries have formed a packaging industry system with paper, products, plastics, metals, glass and other packaging containers and packaging raw and auxiliary materials, packaging machinery and equipment production, packaging and printing and other categories. China packaging will take cloud data development as the center, effectively connect the upstream and downstream related industrial chains of enterprises through intelligent cloud peer-to-peer technology, make rational and effective use of resources, and promote the packaging industry to quickly leap forward to the era of e-commerce

new trading section: the packaging E-City e-commerce trading platform developed and created by the China Packaging Institute. The EPS information e-commerce application system is included in this section. In this area, small and medium-sized enterprise transactions are taken as a breakthrough, and B2B, o2o and online bidding are taken as modes, so that small and medium-sized enterprises can conduct effective e-commerce transactions around the platform; In addition, the trading section also provides services such as website building, brand planning and promotion for enterprises

auxiliary chain features:

highlights of the industrial belt: This is a newly planned content section, which gathers national packaging information classified by products, materials, industries, that is, the Industry Association for the deposition of large particles at the entrance

highlights of the exhibition section: on the basis of the rolling broadcast and printing of exhibition information in the old version, the new version of the exhibition will add an exhibition hall (Expo) to comprehensively and directly attack the on-site information of the exhibition from a 3D perspective

highlights of the training section: enterprises can publish job recruitment information here, and the content of Zhejiang packaging industry e-commerce training center is also covered. Pay attention to e-commerce, participate in talent training, and help you achieve the future

eps application system takes root

with the online operation of the new version of new media China packaging, its two trumps, EPS application system and packaging e city, have also officially taken root. In addition, the software copyright certificate of EPS e-commerce application system has been issued by the national copyright administration

on October 14, EPS e-commerce informatization application software officially entered the enterprise, opening the door to the transformation and upgrading of traditional enterprises! The person in charge of China Packaging EPS system project went to Jinhua Jiete Packaging Co., Ltd. to start the information project meeting on the use of EPS system with Jiete packaging. This is the first step taken by the EPS system to officially ground gas and help traditional enterprises transform and upgrade

wangshengsong, general manager of Jett packaging, said that Jett packaging is currently in the stage of transformation and upgrading. How to break through the traditional operation mode and apply Internet information technology to productivity is the advantage brought by EPS system. He stressed that this improved component quality and EPS system start information application projects together, which is a cooperative and win-win policy. At present, Jett packaging is preparing the project informatization, and strives to make further progress on the informatization road

in the new version construction of China's packaging industry, the new media era of the industry station will start from EPS, contribute to the transformation and upgrading of traditional packaging enterprises from information, enterprises, transactions, training and other aspects, and truly use the media to open the shackles of traditional industry

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