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The application of box type modified atmosphere packaging machine

the development of food from vacuum packaging to modified atmosphere packaging is the upgrading process of food from quality assurance to fresh preservation. Fresh preservation is to ensure the original flavor and color of food, and it is a big step forward on the basis of quality assurance. Food fresh preservation is not only the need of the current market, but also the expression of the improvement of people's living standards

there are many ways to keep food fresh, and modified atmosphere packaging is one of the advanced methods. The so-called modified atmosphere refers to placing food in a certain proportion of ideal mixed gas to prolong the deterioration of life biochemistry. Its principle is: first, destroy the environment on which micro life depends for survival and reproduction; 2、 It can maintain a certain activity of cells in food, delay its life process, and maintain a certain degree of freshness. Modified atmosphere fresh-keeping food has a long history abroad. About the 1930s, Europe and the United States have begun to study mixed gas replacement air storage of meat and dairy products. In the 21st century, the modified atmosphere packaging, which replaces high-temperature sterilization by r-rays, has rewritten the history of canned food. At present, fresh fruits and vegetables, clean vegetables, cut vegetables, and internal food products in major supermarkets in the European and American markets have been spread all over the shelves under the conditions of cold chain circulation. Under the conditions of high economy, fast pace, and strict requirements in western countries, modified atmosphere packaging is increasingly important, which is not only a new topic of food engineering, but also an inevitable law of historical development

why CA can be recognized by the society, especially in advanced countries, has developed rapidly, because putting food in sealed N2, CO2 and other gases can not only meet the conditions of fresh-keeping environment, but also the physical and chemical properties of CO2, N2 and other inert gases will not endanger human health. With the protection of CO2, N2, food can effectively inhibit the proliferation of bacteria. On the other hand, CO2, N2 and other inert gases are colorless and odorless. It will not affect the taste of food at all

domestic modified atmosphere small box packaging appeared in 1997. During the investigation in the United States, the technicians of a machinery factory in Nanjing found that fruits and vegetables, meat products, clean vegetables, cut vegetables, etc. on the shelves of supermarkets in the market were sold in small box vacuum modified atmosphere packaging. After returning home, they investigated the domestic market and found that the shelf packaging was still manual plastic box packaging, and the shelf life was also short, so they decided to develop this product. So in 1998, Beijing Quanjude roast duck restaurant appeared the first air-conditioned box sealing machine, which is a flushing compensation type. By the time of Beijing International Food Packaging Exhibition in 1999, a vacuum displacement modified atmosphere packaging machine (patent number is.7) appeared. The so-called flushing compensation is to use the mixed gas flow to drive out the air in the packaging container several times, and then package it, so as to prolong the shelf life and transportation period of food in an ideal environment. Due to the residual oxygen content 3 in the container during washing, the vacuum degree of this air conditioning method is not high. After years of systematic research on the melt gear pump by the rubber and Plastic Machinery Research Institute of Beijing University of chemical technology, the time of compensation filling is short, and the production efficiency is high. But it doesn't apply to him. He recalled, "there are more plastic bags there than the fish below. There are more oxygen sensitive food packages.

to establish a vacuum displacement type modified atmosphere packaging machine of the automobile lightweight non-metallic materials industry alliance, the air in the packaging container is pumped out first (the vacuum degree can be adjusted by instruments) Then, fill in the mixed gas suitable for the delayed preservation of food, and then heat seal to make the pressure inside and outside the box equal. This kind of modified atmosphere packaging container has low oxygen content and a wide range of applications, but the work efficiency is slightly lower due to the long pumping time

although both packaging machines use air conditioning as a means, their working principles are different. The compensation type works in a semi sealed state, and the replacement type works in a fully sealed container for pumping, filling, and then sealing. Obviously, the replacement manufacturing process is more complex than the compensation type, and the cost is also high

modified atmosphere fresh-keeping technology is still in its infancy in China. According to the international food packaging exhibition in October 2003, there are dozens of units developing modified atmosphere fresh-keeping in China, but only five or six enterprises producing small modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging machines. Although the complementary taste and replacement have their own merits. However, there are obvious deficiencies in the proportion of mixed gas, and there is still a lack of a large number of experiments, especially in the modified atmosphere preservation of edible fungi, which is still blank in China

modified atmosphere is a new food preservation technology in China. Under the impact of reform and opening up, especially after China's entry into WTO and integration with the world, with the continuous improvement of people's living standards and economic income, people's requirements for food structure have also changed significantly. There is an urgent need for fast, convenient, safe and nutritious fresh-keeping food, and the traditional food structure has changed. The imported modified atmosphere packaging assembly line costs millions of yuan, not to mention the high price. The packaging quality requirements alone are not suitable for national conditions. Imported equipment for the packaged food is slightly less than the size or lack of corners and edges, which is classified as leftovers or substandard products, greatly reducing commercial profits. At the same time, parts are difficult to buy and repair. Therefore, it is more and more important to design and manufacture the modified atmosphere packaging machine by ourselves. Judging from the current situation in the domestic market, the modified atmosphere box type small packaging has initially appeared on supermarket shelves, and there is a spark trend. Among them, Zhangjiagang Deshun Machinery Co., Ltd., which has sprung up suddenly, has cooperated with Nanjing Agricultural University to undertake the research and development task of Jiangsu Provincial Science and technology plan project bl200138. At present, the multi station changeable mold type modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging machine produced by the company has become unique, and the mixed gas for food fresh-keeping provided by Nanjing Agricultural University is used as a guarantee. It is believed that in the field of modified atmosphere fresh-keeping of food, it will bear fruitful fruits

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