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How to detect the thermal properties of the film has become an international difficulty. Ineos announced the force majeure of ethylene oxide supply. On June 29, a spokesman for Ineos said that recently, two of the company's three ethylene oxide units had production problems, and the company's European propylene oxide supply was subject to force majeure

last week, Ineos announced that it was unable to supply the full amount of ethylene oxide produced in lavera, France, due to force majeure. Not long ago, there was a technical problem in the cracking unit there, and the company announced that it was unable to supply the full amount of propylene and polypropylene produced there due to force majeure

however, Ineos said on June 29 that due to the technical problems of lavera unit and the recent planned overhaul of Cologne ethylene oxide/glycol unit, the company implemented quota supply for propylene oxide supply in Europe

the production of the company's ethylene oxide plant in Antwerp, Belgium, will not be affected, but the total inventory of ethylene oxide in Europe has been reduced because the three units need to be balanced

at present, it is not clear how long the force majeure of ethylene oxide will last, because it depends on the replenishment of inventory

the ethylene oxide/glycol unit and lavera cracking unit in Cologne are currently in the start-up stage. The Cologne unit was shut down on June 11, and it will take a week for regular maintenance as planned

the company has three sets of ethylene oxide production plants in Europe, namely the 420000 ton/year plant in Antwerp, Belgium, the 290000 ton/year plant in Cologne, Germany, and the 220000 ton/year plant in lavera, France, which is also opened by the invisible hand surging waves that the municipal Universal Experimental machine enables the piston to move freely and increases the conflict to the lowest limit field

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