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The global digital share will increase to 50% in 2020

the overall profit of the global printing industry will shrink in 2008, and the printing industry will face more challenges in 2009. Under the influence of many uncertain factors, printing owners will be more cautious and close to the market in every step of their investment plan. For many years, the world has been in a tripartite situation, with the United States, Europe and Asia accounting for about one-third of the total market share. Specifically, North America, Europe and Asia account for 6. 5% of the total value of $610billion The proportion of time and revolution alarm automatic parking is 32%, 32% and 28% respectively, and the proportion of other regions in the world is only 8%. Nevertheless, some experts predict that by 2011, the whole will move eastward, with the market share of North America and Europe falling to 28% and 31% respectively, and the market share of Asia and other regions rising to 30% and 11% respectively, and the total value of will exceed 720billion US dollars

in 2008, the financial crisis originating from the United States hit the world, with raw material prices rising, labor costs rising, market purchasing power declining, and export business frustrated. Facing the severe macroeconomic situation, China has continuously issued various favorable policies to help enterprises cope with the crisis. Nine of the policies implemented in 2009 directly benefit the printing industry. Moreover, China still imposed lower tariffs on imported printing equipment in 2009. The series of measures issued by the state have a positive effect on the development of the printing industry

in 2009, the prosperity of paper enterprises rebounded rapidly. Paper prices have accelerated in the third quarter since they started rising in May. As of the latest price increase, the prices of coated paper and white paperboard have increased by more than 1000 yuan from the low point, the prices of double glue writing paper have increased by more than 300 yuan, and the prices of Jinmin new material paper and box board corrugated paper have increased by more than 200 yuan. In July, the profitability of some kinds of paper (coated paper, white cardboard and double offset paper) has reached a better level in history, and the gross profit margin has returned to the pre crisis level. The net profit per ton of coated paper and white cardboard amounted to yuan, double glue writing paper yuan, paper and box board corrugated paper yuan

at present, all paper machines are in full production, production and sales are balanced, and the inventory level is generally from one week to 20 days, which is significantly improved compared with the inventory of one and a half months in the previous period. The pulp price is expected to increase by 10% - 15% by the end of the year. However, the low-cost pulp of major listed companies can be used until September, so the enterprises in the third quarter are low-cost pulp and high-cost paper. The significant recovery of downstream demand in the paper industry, the improvement of domestic terminal demand and channel replenishment of inventory are all factors supporting the increase of paper demand and paper price. In addition, the export of coated paper increased, which also exacerbated the domestic supply shortage of this kind of paper. The profitability of major listed companies in July exceeded market expectations, and it is expected that the profitability of a single quarter in the third quarter will reach a historically high level. In the fourth quarter, the pulp price will continue to rise, but the cost of the company's self-made pulp is locked, which can offset part of the cost rise. The fourth quarter is the traditional peak season for paper use, and the price of paper is expected to rise further

according to the eleventh five year plan, by the end of the eleventh five year plan, the total output value of China's printing industry is expected to reach about 440billion yuan, accounting for about 2.5% of the gross national product; The printing production and processing capacity will enter the forefront of the world. It is estimated that by 2010, the overall market growth rate of printing materials in the world will be 3% - 4%, and the printing industry will face increasing competition and pressure. In 2010, the share of digital printing will increase from 4% to 14%, of which inkjet technology will account for half. By 2015, the global output value of digital printing will reach 124.8 billion euros; It is estimated that by 2010, the overall growth rate of printed matter will be between 3% and 4%

with the development of China's economy and the integration with the international economy, the pace of international capital entering China's printing industry has accelerated. By 2020, about half of the printed matter of the first project in the world will be produced on digital printing machines. Variable data printing will become the main driving force of the industry. In the next decade, ink based companies will cede part of their market to digital, but digital will never replace lithography. A series of figures show that the development prospect of China's printing industry is promising

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