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Glass futures plays an important role in resolving backward production capacity

the notice on Resolutely Curbing the blind expansion of industries with serious overcapacity issued by relevant national ministries and commissions recently made it clear that resolving the contradiction of serious overcapacity in five major industries such as flat glass is the focus of this year's work. Resolving overcapacity has become an important task of adjusting the industrial structure, and glass futures has played an important role in the adjustment, transformation and upgrading of the glass industrial structure

according to statistics, the production capacity of the flat glass industry in 2011 was 1.18 billion weight boxes, the actual output was 785 million weight boxes, and the production and marketing rate was 95.4%; In 2012, the production capacity was 1.2 billion weight boxes, and the actual output was 760 million weight boxes, with a production and sales rate of 98.9%. According to the above data, the capacity utilization rate is less than 65%, and it is an indisputable fact that the glass industry has serious overcapacity

however, in recent years, the glass industry is accelerating the elimination of backward production capacity and optimizing the industrial structure through technological upgrading, product innovation and the use of futures tools. Especially in Shahe City, the city of glass, some glass enterprises have made positive progress in resolving backward production capacity and promoting industrial upgrading

"resolving excess capacity is not simply shutting down and suppressing, but a combination of 'digestion, transfer, integration and elimination'." Fan Jianxiang, general manager of Dejin glass, said that through technological upgrading and deep processing, Shahe glass enterprises have turned part of their excess capacity into products with good market demand and high product added value, and turned waste into treasure, which not only effectively resolved the backward production capacity, but also improved the enterprise efficiency

adjust the enterprise structure, optimize the enterprise business model, and help enterprises become bigger and stronger. Glass futures has indeed become a good helper for enterprises

it is understood that the futures market will have specific requirements for the quality of delivery glass, product complaints, environmental problems, certified quantity and packaging of qualified suppliers. It is understood that the benchmark delivery products for futures delivery are carried out in accordance with national standards, and only those that meet the national standards can enter the futures market for circulation. Therefore, the quality of glass participating in futures delivery is absolutely guaranteed

"the demonstration effect of standardization and branding of glass futures has enabled enterprises to keep pace with high quality." Wu Yanmin, the futures Department of bright group Jiajing Glass Co., Ltd., told futures that the glass obtained by glass enterprises through physical delivery in the futures market is very suitable for the needs of enterprises, which is also conducive to improving the product quality of glass enterprises and enhancing the competitiveness of enterprises

"Use the standardization of futures to lock in the price, and use the circulation of spot goods to meet the differential needs, so that social resources can be efficiently and optimally allocated. In the 'big topic' of structural adjustment and industrial upgrading of the glass industry, which aims to provide more cost-effective packaging options for lighter weight and lower risk medical devices, futures, as a risk management tool, is a strong support and help for the company's decision-making and participation in competition , which can escort the company to achieve its business strategic objectives. " Fan Jianxiang said

it is learned that through hedging for more than half a year, Dejin glass has completed 600000 tons of glass production and basically achieved zero inventory while stabilizing production and operation. "Futures not only provide us with a hedging tool, but also bring us confidence in structural adjustment, industrial upgrading and scale expansion." The person in charge of the enterprise said

"at present, the listing time of glass futures is not long, and its function also needs a gradual improvement, and the black performance is still strong." The relevant person in charge of Zheng Shangsuo said that on the one hand, the exchange should continue to carry out in-depth market training, summarize cases, and widely promote them, so as to help more glass enterprises get familiar with the futures market. On the other hand, we should constantly optimize the rules and systems, improve the layout of delivery warehouses, and facilitate the participation of spot enterprises. We will also continue to strengthen supervision, strictly control risks, ensure the steady operation of the market, and better serve glass enterprises

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