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The glass market analysis in September 2015 and the trend forecast in October

price trend

monitoring showed that the glass showed a volatile trend in September, and the quotation at the beginning and end of the month in the monitoring area was 13. 71 yuan/square meter, with a range of 13.. Between 75 yuan/square meter. The price of glass in Shahe area, a weather vane, rose mainly in September, and the average price of small plates at the beginning of the month was 12. 5 yuan/square meter, the average price at the end of the month is 12. 74 yuan/square meter, an increase of 1. 92%。

II. Market analysis

products: in terms of price changes, the quotation of the wind vane Shahe area rises this month, and the rise of each specification of the small board varies with the temperature in the tank according to the different products, but basically within the temperature range of (1) 80 ℃ ~ + 320 ℃, the range of up and down changes is 0.. About 4 yuan/square meter, and the quotation of 5mm small board at the end of the month is 12.. 9 yuan/square meter, 3. 8mm at 9.. About 9 yuan/square meter. The price trend in central and southern China this month was weak and stable. Yufeng, Xinyi and other enterprises in southern China reduced their quotations slightly, and there was no price increase in Central China, so the market was loosened

in terms of inventory, the glass inventory in Shahe area decreased slightly by 200000 weight boxes in September, and the national inventory decreased by 500000 weight boxes in the first three weeks, and is currently at the level of 33million weight boxes. In terms of capacity changes, a total of 35 production lines nationwide were cold repaired in August, with a cumulative reduction of capacity of 118.68 million weight boxes, accounting for 9% of the total capacity. 7%。 Recently, Fuyao auto glass and China resources headquarters also have cold repair and shutdown plans, and glass enterprises have been forced to reduce production to cope with the off-season

industrial chain: according to the data of the National Bureau of statistics, in 2015, the supply side conditioning system of national housing systematization was still to be cultivated, and the investment in real estate development was 6106.3 billion yuan, a year-on-year nominal increase of 3. 5%, the growth rate fell 0% compared with the month. 8 percentage points. Among them, the residential investment was 41098 billion yuan, an increase of 2. 3%, the growth rate fell 0. 7 percentage points. The proportion of residential investment in real estate development investment is 67. 3%。 The displacement sensor problem has been eliminated in the construction area of real estate development enterprises. As the system of universal tensile testing machine is 1 closed-loop system, 6693.6 million square meters, an increase of 2 year-on-year. 5%, the growth rate fell 0% compared with the month. 9 percentage points. Among them, the residential construction area was 4662.95 million square meters, an increase of 0. 2%。 The new construction area of houses was 95.182 million square meters, a decrease of 16. 8%, with a flat decline. Among them, the new construction area of residential buildings was 658.3 million square meters, a decrease of 17. 9%。 The completed area of houses was 424.75 million square meters, a decrease of 14. 6%, with an increase of 1. 5 percentage points. Among them, the completed residential area was 314.94 million square meters, down 17. 2%。 The overall recovery of real estate still needs time. At present, there is still a situation of oversupply

industry: the abortion of Jinjiu market is a foregone conclusion. The building materials industry as a whole maintained a bottom shock situation in September, mainly because the macro, real estate, automobile, infrastructure and so on did not improve significantly, which dragged down the building materials industry. The weather turned cold in the later stage. According to the law, the building materials industry will face work stoppage from north to south. If there is no obvious positive stimulus, it is almost impossible for the price to warm significantly

three aftermarket forecast

September should have been the "golden nine silver with the help of these UD belt ten" - the best month of the year, but the development of golden nine silver ten in 2015 exceeded market expectations, and the price continued to be weak. Except for Shahe, there were no bright spots in other regions. Southwest China has developed in a systematic way, and central China has become the hardest hit area of price decline since the summer. Northeast China and South China are mainly stable. However, from the perspective of supply and demand, this weakness is also reasonable. The downstream demand for major glass products such as downstream real estate, architectural decoration and automobiles is weak, while the phenomenon of oversupply exists due to the blind expansion of production in order to ensure a good performance. Therefore, it is expected that the glass price will not perform well

according to the analysis, the cold air has covered North China and Northeast China recently, the National Day holiday is coming, the market rhythm slows down, the weather turns cold in the later stage, and the glass will gradually enter the winter "dormant" market from north to south. However, the current demand has not shown signs of improvement, the fundamentals are weak, there are no macro boosting measures, and under the multiple negative effects of climate impact, the silver cross fear will still miscarry

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