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Gift packaging: business opportunities vs waste

from the perspective of traditional gift behavior, the development of modern gift packaging. Is the luxury new year gift box selling decent? "One hero and three gangs" seems to be very appropriate to describe the luxury new year gift box on the market. In an interview yesterday, the person with low noise during working hours found that the luxury packaging that was banned from being used in moon cakes by the relevant state departments last July "moved a nest" and frequently appeared on various wine, health products and other popular New Year gift boxes displayed in shopping malls and supermarkets [full text] [more] · the indifference of packaging awareness highlights the disadvantages of competition in the gift industry. The light can be passed through the end · talking about gift packaging culture · gift luxury packaging hides huge profits. Gift giving for the Spring Festival has become a "national movement to let the tensile testing machine continue to stretch the standard tensile samples". It was originally expected that the recession last year would affect the Spring Festival wine gift box market, but it was expected that under the expectation of a better general environment, Orders continue... [full text] well known brands use packaging world gift boxes to lead Xiwang into the high-end meat market nmousemove= "dispurl (`ht statement:

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