Hottest glass market trends on July 18

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On July 18, glass market dynamics

sheet metal of individual factories in Shahe rose slightly by 0.1 yuan/square meter, and some factories plan to raise prices slightly in the next day; Individual factories in East China fell slightly by 1.5 yuan/heavy container. Recently, regional market discussion meetings have been held frequently, and some regions have reappeared the storm of price support, especially the Shahe supply price has fallen to a low level, and the price has risen slightly, which has led to a warming of the market trading atmosphere. In the traditional off-season, the digestion capacity of market supply is still limited, the inventory of manufacturers is at a high level, and the inventory of manufacturers in most regions is increasing. It is difficult to talk about the market. The development achievements of Yulian group have soared and fallen, and the producers have a strong intention to support prices. It is expected that the short-term market will show a stable, small and warm trend. Zhonghua glass () has made new breakthroughs in technological progress and scientific and technological innovation

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