Hottest glass commodity information in May 2014

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Glass commodity intelligence in May 2014

a slight rise in glass market prices in May is expected

with the seasonal increase in the north, see whether the experimental results meet the requirements. It is expected that the overall market demand in May will be better than that in April, and the central government's policies on shanty towns will also increase market confidence. Therefore, a slight rise in market prices can be expected

the Northeast glass consortium meeting proposed to increase the price by 20 yuan, which is inappropriate.

at the end of the Northeast consortium meeting on May 6, it is proposed to increase the price of participating enterprises by 20 yuan. At present, the inventory of major production enterprises in Northeast China is relatively large, and most dealers in Northeast China mainly sell their own winter storage goods. At this time, the price rise is inappropriate

classification and testing method of watertightness performance of external windows of buildings gb/t 7108 ⑵ 002

from May 5 to 9, the national average price of float glass fell by 0.4% month on month

from May 5 to 9, the national average price of float glass fell by 0.4% month on month, and prices around the country mainly fell. The market remains depressed, and the glass price is still low and volatile

many places completed the task of eliminating the backward production capacity of building materials by the Ministry of industry and information technology ahead of schedule.

the 2014 government work report proposed to strictly control the new increase in industries with serious overcapacity. It is required to eliminate the backward production capacity of 27million tons of steel, 42million tons of cement and 35million TEUs of flat glass in 2014, and ensure that the task of eliminating backward production capacity in the 12th Five Year Plan is completed one year ahead of schedule, so as to really press down and never rebound

building materials industry: the month has a good start, and there is still downward pressure

since 2014, the economic operation of the building materials industry has generally started well, the production growth has fallen steadily, the adjustment of the industrial structure has continued, the price and economic benefits are stable, and the economic operation is in a reasonable range

the glass industry is facing a reshuffle in the Northeast market or "taking the lead"

with the ignition and production of the 900 ton second line of Shuangliao Yingxin, the production capacity of the Northeast market has increased again, and the foundation of Yingxin group in the Northeast market has been further consolidated

the cooling of the real estate market has dragged down the decline in glass demand, which is difficult to change.

May was the turning point of glass prices in previous years, but this year's market performance was surprising. In the past half a month, glass futures prices have not rebounded, but we hope to basically eliminate packaging materials that exceed the standard of special materials such as heavy metals, so as to help everyone accelerate the pace of decline

the glass futures price hit the shutdown cost, and the power of short chips weakened

the real estate industry was depressed, and the downward trend of fundamentals in the glass year was clear. In addition, in May, it was in the seasonal off-season of spot goods, and short sellers took advantage of the victory to pursue the attack. After breaking through the consolidation platform since April, the main force of glass continued to refresh the lowest point since listing

glass: the periodic bottom is approaching

the "gold, silver and four" in 2014 is obviously not the traditional sales peak season expected by glass spot traders. The demand in the downstream real estate market continues to weaken, and the nationwide glass price decline is difficult to control

from May 19 to 23, the average price of float glass fell month on month

from May 19 to 23, the average price of float glass across the country fell 1% month on month. At present, the average price of glass across the country has hit a new low in recent years, and there is no sign of improvement

the capacity of Jiangsu Province to eliminate backward building materials products is broken down to households

according to the Jiangsu Provincial Commission of economy and information technology, Jiangsu Province has issued the target task of eliminating excess capacity and eliminating backward capacity in 2014 undertaken by 121 enterprises, which will reduce 4.47 million tons of steel, 1.53 million tons of cement, 2.2 million weight boxes of flat glass and 2.75 million deadweight tons of ships annually

920000 weight boxes of flat glass will be eliminated in Shandong by 2015

on the 22nd, Shandong Provincial Commission of economy and information technology announced a batch of plans and a list of enterprises to eliminate backward and excess capacity in Shandong Province. According to the requirements of the notice, this batch of backward capacity must be eliminated and removed by the end of December 2014, of which 920000 weight boxes of flat glass will be eliminated

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