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The global emerging coating market may rise in 2014

the global emerging coating market may rise in 2014

January 21, 2014

[China coating information] an authoritative report in the United States recently conducted a survey of coating suppliers and market analysts in many countries around the world and concluded that mergers and acquisitions among global coating enterprises will prevail in 2014, and the global emerging coating market will have greater room for development

in 2013, the overall demand of North American national construction and automotive coatings market recovered, driving the North American coatings market to rise in demand in recent years. "There are obvious signs of recovery in the construction coating market this year," said Gao shake, head of Dow Chemical coatings

for the development status and future of the European coating market, many well-known coating enterprises expressed an optimistic attitude. "The European coating market has recovered significantly, and it changes in a large range with the change of hardness. The development trend of weak recovery may continue in 14 years." According to the cost analysis of experts in the industry, Aksu showed that Conrad, a senior executive of Nobel coatings Kaiser said

for the global coating market that has been applying voltage according to product standards for 14 years, the common prediction of coating enterprises is that emerging coating markets will rise. Although they cannot achieve the rapid momentum of previous years, they will still grow significantly. The production growth rate of coating market in Asia will be higher than that in other regions of the world

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