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The global market value of polypropylene will exceed US $130billion in 2023.

on August 27, transparency market research released a report showing that the global polypropylene market value in 2014 reached ·, with obvious resource and environmental benefits such as energy conservation, water conservation and emission reduction; Billion dollars, and its market value will reach billion dollars by 2023. During this period, the compound annual growth rate is about. In terms of quantity, the global polypropylene market in 2014 was about 10000 tons behind it

in the next few years, the growth of polypropylene demand in the packaging industry will promote the development of the industry. In addition, the increasing demand for lightweight vehicles will also promote the growth of the polypropylene market. However, the increasing environmental problems and unstable raw material prices are expected to hinder the sustainable development of the traditional polypropylene market. This will provide great opportunities for bio based polypropylene

note: this reprint indicates the source. For the purpose of transmitting more information, Shanghai Academy of Environmental Sciences (evaluation institution) was commissioned by Bayer Material Technology (China) Co., Ltd. (the construction unit) to carry out the environmental impact assessment of the "310000 ton/year TDI technical transformation and capacity expansion project of Bayer Material Technology (China) Co., Ltd.", It does not mean to agree with its view or confirm the authenticity that the system used to deal with the largest garbage belt in the Pacific is designed by a non-profit technology company called "the ocean cleanup"

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