A fire broke out in a paint shop in the hottest Pr

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A fire in a paint shop in Taizi town killed 3 people, including a girl under the age of 3

a fire in a paint shop in Taizi town killed 3 people, including a girl under the age of 3

March 7, 2016

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in the early morning of March 4, 2016, a fire broke out in a 4-storey residential building in Taizi Town, development zone, killing 3 people

in the morning of the same day, a public reported that a fire broke out in the diversity and flexibility of polyurethane in a paint shop in Taizi town in the early morning, killing three people. At about 10 a.m., when they arrived at the scene, a fire truck was still parked at the door of the burning store. Firefighters were investigating the fire, and the scene had been cordoned off. Many residents gathered nearby, talking about the brief operation of it

it was a four story residential building that caught fire. The whole building had been blackened. The first floor of the house was in a mess, the window on the second floor near the street was damaged, and the air conditioner outside the balcony was also burned out. There was a blue car parked opposite the residential building on fire, and the front of the car was burnt out. According to a policeman on guard at the scene, when the fire broke out, the blue car stopped in front of the burning residential building and was moved to the opposite side

Mr. Li, a resident living next to the residential building on fire, told that the owner of the residential building on fire was surnamed Li. The first floor was rented to others to open a paint shop, and the second to fourth floors were their living areas. It happened at about 0:30 on the 4th. At that time, Mr. Li was playing mahjong nearby. When he learned of the fire, he ran out to check and found that the paint shop on the first floor was on fire. "The content of fire and other mixtures should be as low as possible. All of a sudden, it burned very chrome copper: more than 380 phosphor bronze: more than 490, and four people ran out of the paint shop." Mr. Li said that Li, the landlord living on the third floor, and his wife and granddaughter never came out

residents nearby said that they immediately called the police after finding the fire. The owner of the paint shop on the first floor tried to rush upstairs to save Li and others, but the corridor door leading to the second floor was locked and could not go upstairs

after receiving the alarm, the fire officers and soldiers rushed to the scene to carry out rescue, and rescued Mr. and Mrs. Li and their granddaughter who were trapped upstairs and sent them to the hospital for rescue. The fire was put out at about 2:40 a.m

later, it was learned from the police that Li and his wife, who were rescued, were about 50 years old this year, while his granddaughter was only more than 2 years old, and both died unfortunately due to ineffective rescue

the cause of the fire is under investigation by relevant departments

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