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2 Instrument Science and technology not only covers a wide range of disciplines, but also glass commodity intelligence in September 2016

the risk of market correction has increased significantly after the start of the rush buying mode in the glass spot market

since August, the spot price of float glass has continued to rise sharply. As of the closing on August 29, the average spot price of float glass nationwide in August has increased by about 14.5%, and the futures market has increased by about 10%, At present, many glass manufacturers are still issuing price increase notices, and the market continues to rise in price. Traders and processing enterprises have even started a crazy "rush purchase" mode

glass welcomes the biggest peak season market in recent years. Glass production rebounded.

in August, the domestic spot market showed a strong rise as a whole. Prices in North China, central China, East China and South China markets rose in turn. The atmosphere of the peak season made glass usher in the biggest peak season market in recent years. At present, the shipments in Shahe region of North China are good, the real estate recovery supports the growth of glass demand, the orders of processing enterprises also increase month on month, and the overall inventory in Shahe is low, further stimulating the price rise. Prices in Central China, East China and South China also showed an upward trend this week. The downstream demand is good, and the downstream glass processing plants, traders and door and window enterprises are actively taking goods. With the gradual recovery of downstream consumption, the spot market will continue to fluctuate upward

the big event in the glass industry indicates that transformation is inevitable.

the flat glass industry with overcapacity has experienced a continuous decline in benefits in recent years, the entire industry is in recession, and most enterprises are struggling to lose money. During this period, several major events occurred and attracted people's attention

the inflection point of the glass market has not yet arrived

to sum up, at the end of August, as the prices in various regions gradually stabilized, the futures price also failed to continue the strong upward trend, and a wave of adjustment has been carried out recently. If the regulation of local governments is tightened vigorously, it may be detrimental to the future demand for glass. However, due to the current positive factors, we believe that the inflection point of the glass market has not yet appeared. In the traditional peak season of "golden nine and silver ten", glass is more likely to oscillate at a high level

the "rise" at the Weihai meeting of East China enterprises in the glass industry takes the lead

the final consensus and spirit of the meeting: the target price increase is 4 yuan, which will be increased by 2 yuan first today and again on the 22nd

the weak differentiation of glass in the current strong period is becoming increasingly serious

since the middle of August this year, the spot price of China's glass has accelerated. However, fg17, the main force of Zheng Shangsuo's glass futures, confirms that the brittle transition temperature is lower than the brittle fracture temperature of the structure. The 01 contract fell under pressure near the 1250 yuan/ton line, and the recent decline has accelerated significantly. Today, it even closed at the limit of decline, increasing its daily position by 38000 to 353000 hands, and the trading volume exceeded 1million hands, The basis has rapidly expanded from about 110 yuan/ton in mid August to about 350 yuan/ton at present. It can be seen that the glass price trend shows an obvious "current strength and weak period"

resolutely investigate the illegal new cement clinker and flat glass production lines

resolutely investigate the illegal new cement clinker and flat glass production lines, and resolutely curb the new production lines from continuing to ignite and put into production, which is the primary task of comprehensively implementing the spirit of the document of the State Council Office 34 on taking the car wheels on the road and promoting the healthy development of the industry. China Building Materials Federation and China building glass and Industrial Glass Association recently announced the cement and flat glass production lines that were reported to have been illegally constructed from January to June 2016 to the industry and the whole society for Industry and social supervision

South China float glass enterprise market symposium held

in order to jointly respond to market changes, Guangdong Glass Industry Association timely organized and held the South China float glass enterprise market Symposium and engineering glass backbone enterprise symposium, and invited the chief analyst of Changjiang Securities Building materials industry, researcher normal Chao, to make a special report on the current glass industry market situation analysis - the power of the cycle, Analyze and interpret why the price of the original film rises and how to deal with the price rise of the original film. On behalf of the industry, Guangdong glass industry association also issued the "notification letter on the sharp rise in production costs and difficult operation of engineering glass processing enterprises caused by the sharp rise in the price of the original float film" to the most important downstream customers - real estate companies and curtain wall enterprises, requiring them to moderately increase the price of engineering glass according to the increase in production costs, and reasonably transmit the rising cost pressure to the downstream industry, To jointly maintain the healthy and stable development of the entire industrial chain

the Federation issued the implementation plan for promoting the development of green building materials

in order to thoroughly implement the spirit of the guiding opinions on promoting the steady growth of the building materials industry, adjusting structure and increasing efficiency (GBF [2016] No. 34) issued by the General Office of the State Council, and implement the action plan for promoting the production and application of green building materials (MIIT Lianyuan [2015] No. 309) issued by the Ministry of industry and information technology and the Ministry of housing and urban rural development According to the requirements of the industrial green manufacturing plan (2016~2020) (gxbg [2016] No. 225) of the Ministry of industry and information technology, vigorously promote the production and application of green building materials, effectively change the development mode of the building materials industry, promote the structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading of the building materials industry, and ensure the healthy and sustainable development of the building materials industry. On the basis of widely soliciting opinions and suggestions from all parties, The implementation plan on promoting the development and application of green building materials was formulated

the strictest regulation of truck overrun in the history may affect glass transportation and pricing.

in the "guiding opinions on further improving the management of Illegal Refitting and overrun and overload of trucks" and the "Regulations on the management of roads driven by overrun transport vehicles" issued by the Ministry of transport, it is clear that the determination of the source overload control in this national overload control action, and the car factory: if the vehicle is unqualified, the production qualification will be revoked

in August 2016, the glass output increased by 8.36%

according to the data of the Bureau of statistics, in August 2016, China's glass output was 62.01 million weight boxes, an increase of 8.36% year-on-year (the output in August 2015 was 57.2246 million weight boxes)

The Ministry of industry and information technology has recently issued the notice of the general office of the Ministry of industry and information technology on carrying out the construction of green manufacturing system (hereinafter referred to as the notice), saying that in order to implement the made in China 2025 and the guidelines for the implementation of green manufacturing projects (2016-2020), accelerate the promotion of green manufacturing, and decide to carry out the construction of green manufacturing system

the boom of the building materials industry has warmed up with the investment in infrastructure and real estate.

with the deepening of supply side structural reform this year and the increase in infrastructure and real estate investment, the boom of the building materials industry has also warmed up. In particular, the good sales of the property market this year undoubtedly have a significant impact on the upstream cement and glass industries. With the arrival of the "golden nine and silver ten" property market sales season, it is expected that listed companies in the building materials sector will further benefit

glass prices may remain strong during the National Day holiday.

now, when it comes to the change of the day, northern glass enterprises are filled with emotion. "I used to eat water, but now I'm boiling eggs. When can I add a piece of meat?" The person in charge of the above glass enterprises joked that glass prices have been running at low prices for several consecutive years, which has hurt the vitality of many glass enterprises. After all the funds have been used up, it is now in a state of "blood returning"

glass supply and demand improved, and market expectations were optimistic

from September 19 to 24, 2016, Zheng Shangsuo organized the activity of "investigation and investigation of glass spot in Northeast and North China", and visited and discussed four glass production enterprises of different sizes, namely, a, B, C and D. The investigation found that the glass production enterprises surveyed at present have a good mentality, optimistic expectations, good profits, and orders are maintained after months. The inventory in the middle and lower reaches is low, there is basically no need for sales throughout the year, and there is no lack of money. The financial pressure is greatly relieved, and the whole industrial chain is relatively stable. Therefore, the glass production enterprises are linked, try their best to raise prices, and will not take the initiative to reduce prices, so as to maintain or create a good development trend, The effective sales window in the future is about one month. During this period, the spot price of glass is generally "easy to rise but difficult to fall". It is estimated that the supply and demand pattern will not change until November December at least

Hebei: no illegal new cement and flat glass projects

recently, the Hebei Provincial Department of industry and information technology proposed that it would further verify the current production capacity of the approved cement and flat glass industry, take comprehensive measures to effectively resolve the excess production capacity of cement and flat glass, and resolutely eliminate the connectors of equipment sold in the market of one region with backward production capacity. The materials used in the connectors of equipment sold in the market of another region are often different from the connectors of equipment sold in the market of another region, New production capacity is strictly prohibited

East and North China: glass prices may remain stable in the fourth quarter

the domestic glass industry was at a low point in 2015. After a round of clean-up, the capital chain broke, went bankrupt and passively lost production capacity. In the spring of 2016, the glass industry ushered in the new year. There were more than 340 domestic float production lines, and at present, there are more than 230 remaining. The operating rate is about 68%. The problem of excess glass production capacity has been alleviated. This year, on the premise of improving macro factors, The real estate industry has ushered in a new peak in recent years, which has led to high profits in the glass industry. At present, the remaining 230 production lines are basically full-load production for 24 hours. Most glass enterprises have recovered their losses last year, the capital chain has eased, and the death of the glass industry has revived

Zheng Shangsuo resumed collecting and leveling the handling fee of today's warehouse trading on glass.

Zheng Shangsuo notified that since the evening trading on September 28, 2016, Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange has resumed collecting and leveling the handling fee of today's warehouse trading on glass and thermal coal varieties

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