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Glass weekly report: in the glass bottoming stage, waiting for market cooperation

operating subsidiaries have made suggestions on the R & D and sales of nickel hydrogen batteries, sodium sulfur batteries and lithium battery protection devices

the spot market is generally improving this week, and enterprises in South China, central China, North China and other places have raised their ex factory product quotations. Subject to the limited acceptance of downstream customers, there are also many manufacturers with strong willingness to increase prices, but operate cautiously. At present, the overall inventory level in North China is normal, the price in East China is flexible, and the price increase intention in South China is strong. This week, with the overall market downturn, glass is also difficult to escape. According to the current trend of the main contract 1309, we believe that the space below is limited, but there is no fundamental cooperation in the short term, and the rebound may be weak. Therefore, we believe that 1309 is at the bottom stage and will continue to consolidate in the short term. We should pay attention to whether the spot market really starts after the holiday. Pay attention to positions during holidays, for reference only. The content of this article is for reference only and does not constitute investment advice. Investors operate accordingly at their own risk. Use a tensile testing machine to slowly apply a load on both ends of the sample

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