Common faults and maintenance methods of the hotte

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Gear pump often drops by 8%. See faults and maintenance methods. Operation and maintenance

(1) gear pump fault phenomenon: the pump cannot discharge

fault reason: a. the direction of rotation is opposite; b. The suction or discharge valve is closed; c. There is no material at the inlet or the pressure is too low; d. The viscosity is too high, and the pump cannot bite the material

countermeasures: A. confirm the rotation direction; b. Confirm whether the valve is closed; c. Check valves and pressure gauges; The setting range of the thermal insulation layer shall be the outer wall of the inner space or the inner surface of the partition wall with the public part; It is really necessary to adopt the building of the external wall external insulation system. D. check the liquid viscosity and whether the flow rate in proportion to the speed when running at low speed occurs. If there is flow, can the mechanical effect of the hydraulic system of the universal experimental machine of Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. be brought into full play? (2) gear pump fault phenomenon: insufficient pump flow

fault reason: a. the suction or discharge valve is closed; b. Low inlet pressure; c. The outlet pipeline is blocked; d. Stuffing box leakage; e. Countermeasures: A. confirm whether the valve is closed; b. Check whether the valve is open; c. Confirm whether the discharge is normal; d. Fastening; When a large number of leaks affect production, the operation should be stopped and disassembled for inspection; e. Check the actual speed of the pump shaft

(3) gear pump fault phenomenon: abnormal sound

fault cause: A. large eccentric coupling or poor lubrication B. motor fault; c. Abnormal reducer; d. Poor installation of shaft seal; e. Shaft deformation or wear

countermeasures: A. align or fill with lubricating grease; b. Check the motor; c. Check the bearings and gears; d. Check the shaft seal; e. Shutdown and disassembly inspection

(4) gear pump fault phenomenon: excessive current

fault cause: A. outlet pressure is too high; b. Melt viscosity is too high; c. Poor assembly of shaft seal; d. Shaft or bearing wear; e. Motor fault

countermeasures: A. check downstream equipment and pipelines; b. Check viscosity; c. Check the shaft seal and adjust it properly; d. Check whether the turning gear is too heavy by hand after parking; e. Check the motor

(5) fault phenomenon: the pump suddenly stops

fault cause: A. power failure; b. Motor overload protection; c. The coupling is damaged; d. The outlet pressure is too high, and the interlock reaction; e. Abnormal biting in the pump; f. Countermeasures for stuck shaft and bearing adhesion: A. check the power supply; b. Check the motor; c. Open the safety cover and crank for inspection; d. Check the instrument interlocking system; e. After parking, confirm the positive and negative turntable cars; f. Turning confirmation

1. Gear pump start:

(1) check the tightness of all pipeline flanges, from soft material to superhard material joints before starting

(2) turn the coupling without friction and collision sound

(3) the pump shall be filled with delivery liquid for the first start

(4) before starting, fully open the valves in the suction and discharge pipelines, and it is strictly forbidden to close the valve for starting

(5) start the motor after verifying the rotation direction of the motor

2. Gear pump shutdown:

(1) turn off the motor

(2) close the inlet and outlet valves of the pump

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